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Generisches Touchscreen-Handy 3D-Modell

durch sweiry_tv
Jul 11, 2012
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3ds Max 2010  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2010  |  V-Ray V1.5 SP5
3D Studio
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Seit 2009
My very own design of a non-branded touch screen cell phone for your 3D needs. Made with 3ds Max 2010.

The Phone Specs:

* Large display screen.
* Home/Menu rounded button.
* Front and Back Cameras with LED Flash.
* HDMI connection.
* USB Charger connection at the bottom.
* AV jack.
* Front microphone.
* Volume and Camera buttons on the sides.
* Lock/Power button at the top.
* Back compartment cover with speaker that could work as SIM, battery and microSD memory slot.

Polygon count:
Although the model is highly detailed it is very light and was modelled with sub-division modelling.

Colour Variations:
The model comes in the black colour version only, but its very easy to duplicate the material and make as many colour variations as you like.

Two high-res custom screen designs for horizontal and vertical layouts and an HDRi map for reflections are available in a separate zip file.


Other formats were exported from 3ds Max 2010.

Two 3ds Max Versions are available: One for Standard Scanline and Mental Ray renderers (so no external plug-ins are required) and another for V-Ray Advanced v1.5.

Thanks for your interest, please rate ;)
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