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Character Robot Interceptor Unreal Unity 3D-Modell

Blender 2.82  |  Cycles Render 2.82
Blender 2.82  |  Cycles Render 2.82
FBX 2020
Textures for Lowpoly Character - Blender/Marmoset
Textures for Lowpoly Character (Unreal)
Andere Dateien
Interceptor_Unreal_ 4.24_Project.rar
3D Modell Spezifikationen
31,212 Polygone
30,702 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometrie
Mixed Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 1409896
32 Produkte
Seit 2014
Interceptor Robot Game Character PBR ready
in High and Lowpoly (Game) Resolution
Unreal and Unity packages included.

Lowpoly Character is the main Product. I added Highpoly version as extra for highest quality renderings etc.
Lowpoly Character is rigged in Blender 2.8. Blend file attached.

Turnables and Unreal engine shots are done with Lowpoly version.
The preview still images are done with Highpoly version.

Package contains:

-------------------------Blender scene--------------------------------

Character in Highpoly Blender 2.8 (unrigged)
Character in Lowpoly Blender 2.8 ( rigged)


Lowpoly Version is rigged in Blender 2.8
Highpoly Version is not rigged

-------------------------FBX FORMAT--------------------------------

Character exported as FBX format with Unreal Mannequin rig
Rifle exported as FBX Format


Character and Rifle exported to Unreal 4 with already assigned Textures and rig (Mannequin Skeleton)
Textures are properly calibrated for Unreal

Unreal Texture types:
Color in TGA
Normal in TGA
AO/Roughness/Metallic in TGA

Character 4096X4096
Rifle 4096x4096

-------------------------Unitiy 5 Package-------------------------------

Character and Rifle exported to Unity 5 with already assigned Textures and rig (Humanoid Skeleton)
Textures are properly calibrated for Unity 5 PBR Standard Shader

Unity Texture types:
Color in TGA
Normal in TGA
Metallic/Smoothness in TGA

Character 4096X4096
Rifle 4096x4096


Rigged and Skinned with Blender.

-------------------Character Lowpoly mesh--------------------------

Polys: 31212
Verts : 30702

Lowpoly Model not intended for subdivision.

-------------------Character Highpoly mesh--------------------------
I used bevel and subdivision modifier to increase edge details. This modifiers can be turned off.

With subd and bevel modifier (highpoly)
Polys: 572073
Verts : 582858

Without subd and bevel modifiier (midpoly)
Polys: 172267
Verts : 176267

---------------------Textures & Resolution ----------------------------
Character has high detail Textures

Character 4096X4096
Rifle 4096x4096

Textures for Unreal in TGA
Textures for Blender in JPG

Professional UV Layout

-------------------------Marmoset scene-----------------------------
Package contains Marmoset Toolbag scene with Character in A-pose , shader setup and assigned textures.
Vers. 3.07

Marmoset Texture types:

Albedo (Color)
AO (Ambient Occlusion)
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