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Mann Dave, Europäer, weißer R4 3D-Modell

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Aug 4, 2011
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Cinema 4D 12 Advanced Render
Cinema 4D 12 Advanced Render

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Produkt ID:584502
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit June 2005
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Photo-realistic model of a man's human body. Model includes a full body, jeans, boots, shirt.
The model is ready to animation. Bones, rigging are created, hair are added. Test animation is added. It is possible to download and look at it. Control over clothes is carried out by standard means Cloth of version Cinema 4D R12.
The character is executed in real scale and has real growth of 187 centimeters.
Remember!!! Then to create own animation of the character. The clothes will be at a stop and not to have influence of bones and a body on it. That the clothes moved together with the character it is necessary to count 'Cache' - for each element of clothes.
For a shirt separately, for jeans separately and for hair.
Highly realistic model of man.
In archive the clothes are added: jeans, boots, shirt. Textures in archive.
Body Texture - not full (textured only head and hands) 7000x7000 pics, texture size for jeans, boots, shirt: 3500x3500 pics.
For this model of the character the hard hat is added.
Probably the modifier of clothes doesn't work in R14.
To avoid this problem there is a model version - where the clothes are animated by the Skin modifier are made in R12. Also simplifies work with clothes, it isn't necessary to count the Cache - it is possible to animate at once the character by means of bones.
Hope you like it!
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