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Zukünftige Stadt HD 2 3D-Modell

durch Giimann
3ds Max 2014  |  V-Ray 2.40
3D Modell Spezifikationen
7,650,204 Polygone
7,851,737 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Ngons used Geometrie
Produkt ID: 954969
1839 Produkte
Seit 2002
Extremely detailed 3d model of a realistic cityscape of the future.

This scene contains 14 highly detailed futuristic Architectural structures and futuristic transport networks.

Scene previews were rendered with V-Ray 2.4 for 3ds Max 2014.

This scene is perfect for High Definition Renders and Animations.

Scene Totals:
Objects: 5844
Shapes: 147
Cameras: 13
Lights: 1
Helpers: 854
Space Warps: 0
Total: 6859

Mesh Totals:

Verts: 7851969
Faces: 7650504
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