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Sportlerin ohne Rig 3D-Modell

Oct 24, 2019
CheckMate Pro Zertifiziert
3ds Max 2015  |  V-Ray 3.60
Cinema 4D R12  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 9.3  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 2015  |  Default Scanline
Maya 2015  |  Maya Software
3D Studio
3D Modell Spezifikationen
13,471 Polygone
14,175 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometrie
Mixed Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 863047
47 Produkte
Seit 2012
This is a concept 3D model of female athlete character (No Rigging, Various formats). This version doesn't include rigging and facial animation. Model is provided in T-Pose as on the signature image, other poses are not included.
Rigged version is available under the following product ID: 804959.

Originally created with Autodesk 3ds Max 2010. The model is suitable for use in broadcast, high-res film close-up, advertising, etc.


This product includes two 3ds Max versions:

       A. With VRay renderer setups (SSS-materials, Displacement maps, VRay lights)
       B. With Scanline standard renderer setups (Standard materials, no Displacement maps, basic lights)

The character has one haircut created with Hair&Fur in both 3ds max versions. Hair&Fur plug-in required. Other formats use geometrically modeled haircut, alpha maps used.

3DS, OBJ, C4D, LWO, FBX and MB formats have Standard materials assigned. All textures are included and assigned. Materials may require some modifications in order to get a realistic result in different software.

Model is built to real-world scale. Units used: Centimeters. The character is 170 cm tall.

All preview images rendered with VRay (information about rendering time you can find below).

....::: TEXTURES :::....

Total number of textures is 22. SSS-material for skin uses 5 high-res textures (resolution up to 12288x12288px*). Other textures resolutions vary between 750x750 to 8192x8192. All textures come in .JPG. Total size of all textures is 34 MB.
* Textures for Maya format are downscaled to 8192x8192px, because of Maya software limitations

....::: POLYCOUNTS :::....

.MAX format:
   - No Subdivision: 13,471 faces and 14,175 vertices
   - Subdivision iteration 1: 53,578 faces and 58,777 vertices
   - Subdivision iteration 2: 214,312 faces and 221,189 vertices

.OBJ, .C4D, .LWO, .FBX, .MB formats (include three files for each format):
   - LOW: 13,853 faces and 14,778 vertices
   - MEDIUM: 55,104 faces and 57,221 vertices
   - HIGH: 220,416 faces and 224,609 vertices

Cinema4D and LightWave medium and high poly files geometry consists of all quads

.3DS format (includes three files):
   - LOW: 27,398 faces and 16,705 vertices
   - MEDIUM: 110,208 faces and 61,450 vertices
   - HIGH: 440,832 faces and 235,142 vertices

....::: RENDERING TIME :::....

A general render covering the whole body at 1200x1200px resolution on Intel Core i7 930 (3.8Ghz, 4 cores/8 threads) takes:

       A. With VRay setups (SSS-materials, displacement, Hair&Fur, 6 lights) - 3 min 36 sec
       B. With Scanline Render setup (standard materials, no displacement, Hair&Fur, 4 basic lights) - 1 min 42 sec

If you have any questions concerning the product or you need further support please contact via support ticket.
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