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E-Gitarre mit Ständer und Verstärker 3D-Modell

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Produkt ID:873979
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit January 2014
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Electric Guitar Scene

Are you ready to rock? Here comes the Set you will need!

To make your Rock n Roll Scene complete, you do not need more than this. With this package you will get an high resolution model of an electric guitar,
along with a leather belt, a set of cables, a guitar stand and a classy looking amplifier.

Model Features

The Scene comes with a high resolution model of an electric guitar with leather belt, a guitar stand, a classic look design amplifier, as well es a set of two cables,
one placed as a coil on the floor, on plugged into the guitar and the ampilifer. As a little Special, you will find a Plektrum clamped to the strings, which owns an image Texture
to give it even your personal logo.

Each major part of the Scene is built as a group, and each group is parented to an empty. With this, you can either choose to use the whole Scene, or you can
pick up particular parts of the scene to rearrange it, according to your personal favours. For more informations, please check the Images given in the Product documentation.

The Guitar body comes with a general Shader to change the look of the guitar completely (See the examples in the Image Gallery). The Wood texture can be easily adjusted, to appear or not, or it can be colored with just one click.
All other shaders are well organised in Node groups, and can be easily adjusted. All Shaders are set up for the cycles render engine.

The Gears at the Head of the Guitar are shape key driven, so you can easily adjust the angular Position of the Gears, just as if you are tuning the guitar! For more information,
please check the Documentation.

All objects are modelled in real life scale, centered, z up.

Polygon Count

Due to the fact that you will get a high detailed Scene which is designed for close up renders and high resolution interior architectural renderings, you have the
following Polygon counts:

Whole Scene
Verts = 197623
Faces= 192870

Electric Guitar (including leather Belt)
Verts = 113228
Faces = 114879

Verts = 45965
Faces = 39948

Guitar Stand
Verts = 17698
Faces = 17835

Cable unlugged
Verts = 9666
Faces = 9429

Cable plugged
Verts = 11066
Faces = 10779

All textures are minimum 6Megapixels in size to achieve high resolution close up renders.


To use the Guitar Scene, or just parts of it, in your scene you just need to go through this simple process which is as follows:

a) Choose File -> Append -> Choose the proper blend File -> Choose 'Group', and then choose the Group you would like to insert into your scene. All Group names are self explanatory.
b) Each Object of the particular Group is parented to an Empty which is named the same as the Group. So you can easily scale, move and rotate the desired object, according to your Scene.
For more informations, please see the images below.

c) If neccessary, tweak the settings of the Shaders, like shown in the image below. If there are any Questions left, please give me a coment and i will help you out as best as i can.
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