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3ds Max 9.0
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2,915,057 Polygone
1,772,334 Scheitelpunkte
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Produkt ID: 371729
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Seit 2002
Extremely high detail, physically accurate, fully 'operational' model of the kit that I own. It is a Ludwig kit with a Gibraltar rack, but logos are not there (maybe you prefer Tama or DW?). Cymbals are Zildjian A custom (maps included), heads Remo (maps included). All heads are uv-mapped so you can use any texture. 'Operational' in that there are sliders for the kick pedals, hihat & throne, and point helpers for the cymbals. Helpers also control the position of the tom/cymbal assemblies, as well as the floor toms, making it very easy to set up animations for things such as 'animusic.' Basically, if there exists a moving part (for animating playing), there is an animation control set up for it (see & kit_viewport_image.jpg below). It would also be quite simple to clone toms/assemblies/clamps to expand the kit. The linked hierarchies are all named/linked appropriately to accomplish this.

The file and materials are designed to be used with mental ray; the drum shells are shown in black, but are cylindrically mapped and ready for a texture if desired. In the previews, the kit is in a simple room, walls, floor, ceiling, 5 area lights, rendered only with final gather and shadows (MR). The polygon count is high, but one cound render this model at a distance of 1 foot and it wouldn't matter. In the thumbnails, samples per pixel was set to between 1/4 & 4, but in hires_kit.jpg (see below), it was set to between 16 & 64 to show the detail level possible. For convenience, the final gather & shadow map files used in these renderings are provided as accomanying products, if you so choose to use the lighting in the max file. It is currently set up with FG freeze, and shadow maps are not rebuilt.

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