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Auge X-Section 3D-Modell

durch MotionCow
Maya 2018  |  Arnold
Lightwave 8.5  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 8  |  Default Scanline
Softimage 5.11  |  mental ray
Cinema 4D R18  |  Physical
Blender 2.81  |  EEVEE Renderer
FBX 2006.11
3D Modell Spezifikationen
16,210 Polygone
17,729 Scheitelpunkte
Subdivision Geometrie
non-overlapping Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 615685
153 Produkte
Seit 2005
A cross sectional & anatomically accurate depiction of the human eye. Perfect for educational & medical videos animations.


1. Cross-section shows the anatomy of the eye accurately & clearly.

2. Optimized subdivision cage gives smooth edges even in high definition. Just step up the subdivision levels.

3. High resolution 4096 x 4096 pixel texture map for close-up, high definition or print work.

4. All important organ parts correctly named.

Depicted internal parts:

Lens, Lens Fiber, Retina, Cornea, Iris, Optic Nerve, Pupil, Choroid, Sclera, Fovea, Superior Rectus, Inferior Rectus, Vitreous Body

No special plugins needed.
Just load and render!

This is NOT just a direct conversion.
All formats are tested in their respective 3D applications, re-worked if necessary to ensure compatibility.

MotionCow is the publisher of high quality photorealistic 3D Models & we proudly stand behind all our products.
Pleas contact us if you need help with our models.

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