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Maispflanzen 15 Sorten im Alter von 5 Jahren - PBR AssetKit 3D-Modell

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Royalty Free Lizenz
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Produkt ID:1394964
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit November 2015
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Corn Plants 15 Types in 5 Ages - PBR AssetKit

Description: This Corn asset kit offers photorealistic corn plants in 5 different ages of growth with three mesh variations each. The 15 asset variations enable enable you to bild whole fields or to pic your favorite unique assets for whatever visualisation or game you can use it for. It can be used with any PBR ready renderer or game engine. The included base scenes are ready to render in Blender Cycles.

The Corn Asset Kit includes a fresh green material as well as a dry and mature material as PBR textures. The materials fit to all Corn types so if you want to shade dry seedlings or dry plants of medium age you are free to do so.

In this asset you will find 4k and 2k textures and three 3d scenes, including the field scene from the preview renders in case it is helpful to you. I also included the ground you see on the renders complete with seamless textures.

All meshes are clean and ready for subdivision, on top a low poly variant with triangulation is included if you need very performant assets. Scatter the plants in your scenes or place them by hand, these assets are a great tool to add live and detail to scenes!

Below you find a list of the contents.


    Corn_AssetKit -> 15 Types of Corn, Base polycount, around 9000 Polys per plant.
    Corn_LowPoly_AssetKit -> 15 Types of Corn, Low polycount, around 1700 polys per plant just enought to get crincly leaves
    CornField_Scene_AssetKit -> The assembly of all different corn variants from the renderings


    Corn Seedling ->3 variations
    Corn Age Young -> 3 Variations
    Corn Age Medium -> 3 variations
    Corn Age Mature -> 3 variations
    Corn Dry -> 3 variations
    Corn Low Poly Seedling ->3 Variations
    Corn Low Poly Age Young -> 3 Variations
    Corn Low Poly Age Medium -> 3 variations
    Corn Low Poly Age Mature -> 3 variations
    Corn Low Poly Dry -> 3 variations

Textures: All follwing corn textures come in 4k and 2k

    Color Dry
    Normal GL
    Transmission for Add Shader

Textures additional:

    HDR Environment - The one from the renderings
    PBR Ground Field Material - Color, Roughness, Normals, Specular, Displacement

Enjoy rendering.
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