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Philadelphia Stadtmodell 3D-Modell

durch ghall1314
3ds Max 2009  |  V-Ray 1.5
3D Modell Spezifikationen
287,000 Polygone
315,000 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
Unknown Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 631766
13 Produkte
Seit 2005
City of Philadelphia Model
The model is built 2009 information. You can see the extends of the model from the plan view. This is a very nice model a great starter if you want to enhance a certain area. Here's the HUGE BENEFIT for choosing this model: The Terrain image map, buidling geometry, and terrain is created from the AutoCAD drawing via Illustrator > Photoshop. So the building placement is very accurate. Also, the base image map (18,650x11,500) would be great for modifying and using for displacing grassy areas, etc
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