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Schokoladen-Osterei 3D-Modell

durch Rocket3d
3D Modell Spezifikationen
10,000 Polygone
0 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
Unknown Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 258218
4 Produkte
Seit 2005
I have provided 2 files, C4d version 9, C4d version ART 7.
Both have bumpmap settings to create the ridges in the chocolate. The C4d v. 9 has settings for using the Sub-Polygon Displacement option in the material Editor to give the egg an actual 3d ridge. Just switch off the bump map and switch on the Displacement option in the Material Editor. The ART 7 version has the same effect it just hasn't got Sub-Polygon Displacement.

This model is created by a full time Senior Graphic Designer using Cinema 4d every day on P.O.S. projects for blue chip companies.

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