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Große Wissenschaftssammlung 3D-Modell

durch xen32
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Produkt ID: 335200
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Seit 2003
This is great science collection, which includes:
- Atom
- 2 bacteria types (electron microscope material)
- 3 Different Blood Cells (realistic material)
- 3 DNA strands (1 with electron microscope material, other 2 with realistic surface material)
- Microbe
- Molecules (easy customizable)
- Realistic Nanotube (customizable length)
- Neuron Net
- Pollen Cell
- Sperm (rigged and ready from animations)
- 16 Virus Cells (with material variations, see pics above)
- Animated Cell Duplication with realistic core split and secondary motion
- Realistic looking Bacterias
- Realistic looking Amebas
- 3 Chromosomes
- Detailed Cell cross-section (animated)
- Human Blood System model + Human Body Model
- New DNA Strand
- Bacteriophage (rigged and animated)
You also get a Human Skull model as a bonus.
42 Models in total

All models are suitable for close ups and animations, so this make them very useful for scientific demonstrations and any other kind of commercial uses.

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