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Schäferhund (Black & Tan) 3D-Modell

durch Dannan
3D-Modelllizenz: Standard    Upgrade-Lizenz
Oct 29, 2015
CheckMate Pro Zertifiziert
3ds Max 2013  |  V-Ray 2.30.01
ZBrush 4r7
3ds Max 2013  |  mental ray
Maya 2013  |  mental ray
Cinema 4D 11.5  |  Default Scanline
Cinema 4D 16  |  Default Scanline
Other tiff
Other pdf
3D Modell Spezifikationen
21,699 Polygone
22,341 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometrie
Mixed Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 965009
303 Produkte
Seit 2010
This is a 3d model of a Belgian Malinois shepherd dog with a short neatly groomed black and tan coat.

This character is 64 cm tall, approximately ~2.09 ft (59cm to top of head and 64cm to tip of ears)

....::: FOLDERS & FORMATS :::....
This product includes,

1. 2 3ds max versions, 1 for V-Ray and the other for Mental Ray

2. 1 Maya version setup for Mental Ray rendering

3. 1 Cinema 4D r16 versions setup for the standard renderer

4. 1 Cinema 4D r11.5 version setup for the standard renderer

5. A zbrush file containing the high resolution model used to develop this product.The zbrush version of this product can be used to bake any additional maps you may want in zbrush or in a 3rd party app like xnormal or crazybump.

6. 1 obj version. higher subdivision levels of this character can be exported from the zbrush version of the product if needed.

7. A texture folder containing all lossless source textures in their highest resolution.

8. Product manual containing render, displacement, HDRI and linear workflow settings where applicable.

....::: GEOMETRY LIST :::....
Body and Head
Lower gums
Lower teeth
Upper gums
Upper teeth
Tongue_scaled down
Left Eyeball
Right Eyeball
Left Outer Eye
Right Outer Eye
Front leg nails
Hind leg nails
Genitalia( visibility can be turned off)

....::: TEXTURES :::....
Each texture comes in 8K (8192 x 8192px) resolution. The project folder uses 4K(4096 x 4096px) Normal, Displacement and Bump maps. the 8K versions of those maps can be found in the additional texture folder provided with this product.

Textures can be scaled down in any image editing application to suit your projects needs.

SDBM_diffuse.jpg (8 bit)
SDBM_Specular.jpg (8 bit)
SDBM_Glossiness.jpg (8 bit)
SDBM_Normal.tiff (16 bit)
SDBM_Displacement Map.exr (32 bit)
SDBM_Bump.tiff (8 bit)
SDBM_DiffuseAlpha.tiff (8 bit) (diffuse alpha combined)

*Each texture that is provided in jpg format is also provided in a lossless tiff format in a separate textures folder.

....::: MORE INFO :::....
*Each version of the product comes with a ground plane setup to catch shadows.
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