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Badezimmer-Kit - 10 verschiedene Stile 3D-Modell

Cinema 4D R18  |  Other Corona
3ds Max 2016  |  Corona
3D Studio
3D Modell Spezifikationen
1,130,248 Polygone
738,471 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
Produkt ID: 1340679
21 Produkte
Seit 2018
This bathroom set contains 10 fully textured objects in 10 different styles/color, placed in a Studio Light Setup, ready to render with Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D.

Whats inside?
- A studio light setup working with everything you need to shot
- Bottles with editable PSD labels and ready in 10 different styles/colors
- 60 materials (wax, plastic, liquids, metals) and a bunch of HQ handmade textures
- 3 highly performing folded towels with a great working displacement material
- A candle model with a 3d textured flame and a real wax material
- Camera settings with depth of field
- Corona render settings and VFB
- 3DS, OBJ and FBX formats to make the models usable in other softwares

This file does not have any type of protection. You can reuse the scene, the render settings, the lights, the materials, but above all you can learn from the file, moving inside the project, observing how the light was created and handled, how materials are developed, what is the role that every textures play within them, and the values that fill every single option.

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