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Avro 504K 3D-Modell

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3D Studio 2
3D Modell Spezifikationen
34,643 Polygone
24,822 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
Produkt ID: 830389
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Seit 2001
The Avro 504 was designed in 1913 as an improvement of the type 500. The Avro 504 attracted small pre-war orders from both the admiralty and the War Office as a machine for reconaissance and ground attack. In 1914 a special bombing flight was formed and notably bombed the airship sheds on the shore of lake constace. This was possibly the first use of strategic air power. Very soon however, the Avro 504 was replaced by more modern aircraft.
The Avro 504K is best remembered as a training aircraft and as such was built in huge numbers and served in the RAF as a trainer until the 1930's whe it was replaced by more modern types such as the Avro Tutor, and the De Haviland Tiger Moth. Also extremely large numbers of the Avro 504K were made available for civil aviation and it was used for joy riding, Barnstorming and other fun activities. Today one genuine Avro 504K, which has been maintained in flying condition since the day it was built is operated by the Shuttleworth Trust.
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