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Archmodels vol. 85 3D-Modell

3ds Max 2008  |  V-Ray 1.5
Cinema 4D 11.5  |  Advanced Render
Cinema 4D 11.5  |  VRAYforC4D 1.1
3ds Max 2008  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2008  |  Default Scanline
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3D Modell Spezifikationen
10 Polygone
10 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
Mixed Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 557967
1265 Produkte
Seit 2004
Archmodels volume 85 gives you 50 highly detailed 3d models of exotic trees like:   
Wodyetia bifurcata, Nolina recurvata, Carica papaya, Carpoxylon macrospermum, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, Washingtonia filifera, Chamaerops humilis, Nolina recurvata, Bismarckia nobilis, Copernicia baileyana, Licuala peltata, Sabal palmetto, Ravenala madagascariensis, Dypsis decaryi,Cocos nucifera, Phoenix canariensis, Dypsis lutescens, Chamaerops humilis, Pandanus utilis, Jubaea chilensis, Cocos nucifera, Licuala ramsayi, Livistona Saribus, Musa basjoo, Copernica baileyana, Copernicia macroglossa, Chambeyronia macrocarpa, Coccothrinax spissa, Zombia antillarum, Veitchia joannis, Areca vestiaria, Hyphaene thebaica, Cyrtostachys renda, Oncosperma tigillarium, Rhapis excelsa, Caryota gigas, Livistona merrillii, Chamaedorea cataractum, Raphia farinifera, Bismarckia nobilis

These best quality models are perfect for exterior renderings. Why waste costly time for making something that you can have from the best at Evermotion?

Scenes are not included.

Available formats:
- max
- obj
- c4d
- fbx - simple object without materials (with mapping and textures included)
- Mental Ray *.max - with textures and shaders
- Scanline *.max - with textures and shaders
- *.max - V-Ray 1.5 or higher - with textures and shaders
- C4d advanced renderer object prepared for C4d renderer and Cinema 4D R11.5 or higher (with textures and shaders)
- V-Ray object prepared for V-Ray renderer and Cinema 4D R11.5 (with textures and shaders)
- *. max 2008 or higher
- Cinema 4D R11.5 or higher
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