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Animierte V8-Benzinzündung 3D-Modell

durch 3D Horse
3ds Max 2018  |  V-Ray Adv 3.60.0
3ds Max 2018  |  Default Scanline
3D Modell Spezifikationen
2,313,360 Polygone
2,317,849 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Ngons used Geometrie
Produkt ID: 1329854
1577 Produkte
Seit 2005
Animated 3d model of internal components of V8 engine with gasoline ignition.
Gasoline ignition created with default particles settings without any use of a plugin.
1200 frames of slow motion animated as you can see the turntable preview.
Frame rate able to be changed.
Parts are seperated.
Both V-Ray and Scanline default versions included.

V-Ray file comes with:
3 V-Ray lights
1 Camera
V-Ray render settings of current images.

Default Scanline file has no lights and camera.

The final images of the thumbnails have been created with the model, materials and shaders from the V-Ray version.

Note (Other versions available as separate products):

- Full with interior parts - Product ID: 1324685

- Animated V8 engine 3d model with gasoline ignition effects - Product ID: 1333446

- Animated V8 engine - Product ID: 1325203

- Cutaway V8 engine with gasoline ignition effects - Product ID: 1334278

- Cutaway animated V8 engine - Product ID: 1330874

- Cutaway - Product ID: 1330943

- Without interior parts - Product ID: 1324794
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