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JAWS - 3D animierter Weißer Hai 3D-Modell

Royalty Free Lizenz
- Alle erweiterten Verwendungen
Royalty Free Lizenz
- Alle erweiterten Verwendungen
Mitgelieferte Formate
3ds Max 2017 & up Default Scanline
3ds Max 2017 & up Default Scanline
Blender 2.8 Blender Render
FBX 2016/2017

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Produkt ID:1392169
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit July 2005
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Megalodon - 3d animated Great White Shark ancestor

Realistic CGI 3d model of a Great White Shark ancestor.

Great detail as seen in previews.

Very complete and low price compared to other shark models.

Modeled in 3ds max 2017 and Mudbox.

Basic model and turbosmooth subdivisions applied.

Mouth, lip and gum opening through bone rig.

Includes 8192 x 8192 diffuse, specular, bump, displacement, reflection and normal maps.

(A lot of work trying to reproduce shark skin and colors since shark photos offer poor quality).

Objects named and organized in Layers.

Mesh subdivision controll.

Further instructions upon file opening.

(Mudbox file may be provided if asked for).

1549 animation frames:

mouth openings, roaming slow, roaming faster, turning, uprising, biting, jumping out of water.

The rendering is setup in Default Scanline Renderer.

Also FBX and OBJ format provided.

Notes: You should replace the shark max file, and the diffuse map and reflection map, with the ones
       provided in shark update.
       Obj file only has mesh and mapping coordinates; materials have to be simply applied.
       Fbx file has mesh, mapping coordinates, all animation and simple bone rig without IK controllers.
       Fbx file could only be exported in low poly version, but you can apply smoothness and subdivisions.
       (I used 2 subdivision for shark body and 3 for upper gum)
       Blend format for blender 2.7 or 2.8 beta - not rigged or animated.
       Maps can be found inside 3ds maxs file folder.

Modeled in real world scale - around 6,6 meter shark.

great white shark sharks animal big realistic fish marine 3d model Carcharodon high ocean carcharias sea predator creature
surf megalodon
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