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Gehäuse für 3D-Drucker 3D-Modell

durch Bheem2021
this is a design for a motorized 3d printer enclosure . the enclosure has space for 4 filament spool holders as depicted in one the pictures. you can simply load filament by lifting the door up and placing spool on the holders there Bowden couplers behind the spool holders to the 3d printer platform. the platform is powered by a pair of linear actuators when the platform is lowered it should create a seal so no more annoying sounds from your 3d printer on the opposite side there is a electronics enclosure with a tft70 arm mount which you can freely move to suit your needs. I also sell the enclosure separate from the 3d printer enclosure if you just want the electronics enclosure and to clarify the electronics enclosure is a part of this model and you do not need to purchase it sperate unless you want just electronics enclosure model. other features includes but not limited to the flowing:
1. five 5 pin JST connecters of the electronics enclosure side .
2. three 3 pin JST connecters of the electronics enclosure side.
3. three 2 pin JST connecters of the electronics enclosure side.
4.3 40mm fan mounts of the electronics enclosure
5. 4 filament spool holders.
6. a pair of linear actuators.
7. platform size is 790mm by 790 mm by 584mm or 31in by 31in by 23inp

please note that the native formant is f3z and that the polygon and vertices are not at all accurate.
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