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Moskva-1 EW-System 3D-Modell

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3D Modell Spezifikationen
1 Polygone
1 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
Produkt ID: 1520598
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Seit 2003
Moskva-1 (Moscow-1) is newest Russian electronic warfare system intended for reconnaissance and control of airspace at the distance of 400km. The system is able to detect airspace targets in a passive mode, with no emitting any signals. This ability allow Moskva-1 be invisible to the enemy. Also, the system can jamming enemy's airborne radars signals protecting various ground facilities. In service since 2015,

This collection consist of 3 high detailed models, complete elements of Moskva-1 electronic warfare system. They are 1L265 passive radar ($180 for individual product), 1L266 jammer ($160 for individual product) and 1L267 command post ($160 for individual product). Save money, purchasing this product!

All the models are real-world scaled and hierarchically linked, all objects and materials use corresponding unique names.
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