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19-Zoll-Grundgehäuse zur Rack-Montage 1U 3xLCD 3D-Modell

durch IClarity
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Nov 5, 2018
CheckMate Pro Zertifiziert
Blender 2.79b Cycles Render
3D Studio
A demo texture used on LCD displays of the case.

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3D Modell Spezifikationen
Produkt ID:1341035
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads only
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit April 2018
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This is a very basic 19-inch (IEC60297) 1U high rack mount case equipped with three built-in LCDs and corresponding buttons. The model is supposed to facilitate fast electronics design/prototyping (or even getting funding for it, for starters) - as a base for further customizations - yet still can be used in any other project where it suits.


Quads only topology, subdividable.

Units: metric.


Case: standard 19-inch width (approx. 48.3 cm), standard 1 Rack Unit height (approx. 4.45 cm), 40 cm depth; front panel is 3 mm thick.

LCDs: 5 x 2.5 cm (hole size in front panel is approx. 6.3 x 3.1 cm; the holes are not through holes).

The model consists of following objects:

Front panel with three LCD windows (mother of all objects in hierarchy);

3 x LCD glasses, backplanes and screens;

Reset buttons (I called them reset buttons, but sure you may name them whatever you like, those are just buttons in the end) - pushable ones, and have proper local motion constraints in place to not to push them too deep;

Two front panel handles;

A case itself - basically, just a plain box attached to a front panel. I beveled it to it better looked on reflections, but didnt even added subdivisions to it - no point to subdivide a plain box. You might need just the front panel, depending on your scene, but if not - it is entirely up to you, what to do with this one.

All objects are grouped into single group for easier appending / linking.


Except demo texture on LCD screens - all procedural PBR, based on Principled shader, thus compatible with modern PBR renderers.

Texture resolution: 1024 x 1024. Ive made the device looking somewhat like battery power control module, but surely you have better ideas.

Texture is packed within .blend as well as put into supporting items separately.

UVs unwrapped for extended use.

All imagery is done via Cycles / Filmic (Base Contrast profile), no post-processing.
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