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Abessinierkatze (2) (PELZ) (ANIMIERT) 3D-Modell

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3ds Max 2015 V-Ray 3.2
FBX 2015
OBJ 2015

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Produkt ID:991673
Unverpackte UVs:Mixed
TurboSquid Mitglied seit December 2009
Derzeit verkauft 612 Produkte
High Detailed Photorealistic Abyssinian cat(2)(FUR)(RIGGED).
Modeling in 3ds max 2015 and rendered with Vray 3.2.

The .max scene is Ready to render with Vray 3.2 settings.
Clean topology based on quads and tris.
This model is completely UVunwrapped and rigged in skin pose (0,0,0)
In the folder'maps' you will find all the maps , used for rendering.
The maps are in the. max .zip.
Real world scale of the model - 25 cm. on the sholder.
Teeth,tongue and eyeballs are included and modeled separately.
The Fur is made with the new Ephere Ornatrix 4 (hair and fur plugin) for 3ds max 2015.
For an even better render quality you can increase the hair primitives count, up to your machine memory limit.
For this render the hair count is 600 000 hairs.
There is 3 hair and fur nodes(head,body and tail).

Like a bonus you get and 28 frames walk cycle loop animation.

********************************************* contain 3 .max files:

01.Abyssinian_cat_OX_FUR_RIGGED_max.max - the preview images.The model in skin pose.Rigged With FUR.
Vray renderer 3.2 setup and materials.Includes Vray-materials.

02.abyssinian_cat_FUR_RIGGED_spline_curves.max - 'fur spline curves' created by the Ornatrix4 hair exporter.
There is 3 spline curves sets - for the body,head and the tail.

Vray renderer 3.2 setup and materials.Includes Vray-materials.
frame -0 - skin pose
frame - 10 to 38 - walk cycle animation


High resolution textures:

abyssinian_cat_body_bump_map.jpg (4096x4096)
abyssinian_cat_body_color_map.jpg (4096x4096)
abyssinian_cat_body_reflection_map.jpg (4096x4096)
abyssinian_cat_eyes.jpg (1024x1024)
abyssinian_cat_teeth_base_bump.jpg (2048x2048)
abyssinian_cat_teeth_base_color.jpg (2048x2048)
abyssinian_cat_teeth_bump.jpg (2048x2048)
abyssinian_cat_teeth_color.jpg (2048x2048)
abyssinian_cat_tongue.jpg (1024x1024)
notebook_pano_reflecton.hdr (1000x700)


Ornatrix4 black/white maps:

01.body_clump_map.jpg (2048x2048)
02.body_frizz_map.jpg (2048x2048)
03.head_clump_map.jpg (2048x2048)
04.head_density_map.jpg (2048x2048)
05.head_frizz_map.jpg (2048x2048)
06.tail_frizz_map.jpg (2048x2048)

Cat body:
Vertices :1880
Polygons :1950

Total :
Vertices :40470
Polygons :35030


The Rig:
- the model is rigged with 3ds max BONE TOOLS.
- custom wire parameters and expretions for a better fisical movment
- custom atribute for open/close eyes
- morph target for extreme twisting of the neck
- advansed twisting sistem for the spine and the neck
- the morph target meshe is included in the .max file

NOTE: Vray is required for the Max scene.
Ephere Ornatrix 4 is required for the Max scene too,to be able to render the fur.
Ornatrix can be purchased at a good price from Ephere website!

If you do not have the Ornatrix plugin, you can render it by installing the demo version.Download it from the Ephere website.
The only limitation that demo has is inability to save so loading and rendering the scene is entirely possible.
You can always take the hair guides from Ornatrix and convert them to 3dsmax native splines.
These can be used by any other hair solution like Max's native hair if you wish or HairFarm.

The OBJ and FBX formats don't include the Fur and the Rig,but you can use the 'spline curves'.
You can use them as guides i
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