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Militärischer Laptop 3D-Modell

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Mitgelieferte Formate
3ds Max 2012 V-Ray 2.30.01
3ds Max 2012 V-Ray 2.30.01
3ds Max 2012 Default Scanline
3D Studio 2012
FBX 2012
OBJ 2012
Source PSD
Full texture set

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Produkt ID:995937
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Unverpackte UVs:Mixed
TurboSquid Mitglied seit November 2014
Derzeit verkauft 42 Produkte
6 Übermittelte Bewertungen
This is a 3d model of military laptop.

This model not a replica of a real object, but only an artistic representation of it.

Originally created with 3ds Max 2012 and V-Ray 2.30.01.


Game Ready.
PBR Ready.
Ready to use in Unity Engine.

This model is suitable for use in games and realtime visualizations.


Check out free promotional download archive with Marmoset Viewer file for an interactive presentation. Just run Laptop_Promotional.html


- 2 object (organized in group)
        2 812 triangles.
        2 306 vertices (including smmothing groups splits).
- 1 material.
- 1 UV Layout.
- 4 main texture maps: Albedo (Diffuse), Specular, Glossy, Normal.
- 4 additional texture maps: Emission, Ambient Occlusion, Normal with inverted Green channel,

Specular for Unity (with Glossy in its Alpha channel).
- All textures have 2K resulution.
- All textures are TGA.
- Source PSD included, so you could easily modify colors.


Model is built to real-world scale.
Units used: Centimeters.
Model dimensions is (length, width, height):
        29.3 x 39.0 x 32.5 with cover opened on 90 degrees;
        29.3 x 39.0 x 6.6 with cover closed.

V-Ray renderer 2.30.01 or higher is REQUIRE to seamless using of this product.

Preview images are rendered with V-Ray (v.2.30.01), Scanline, Marmoset Toolbag 2.08 and Unity 5.


There's 2 objects in the scene named organized in group.

This model consists only from tris and quads. There're no ngons.

This model fully unwrapped with overlapping of duplicating parts.

This product includes an FBX, OBJ and 3DS file format (separate downloads).

This product includes 3dsMax version with VRay lights and cameras (setup with help of PixelSquid Tools), without them and with stantart material setup (separate downloads).

NOTE: Due to difference in specifications of OpenGL and DirectX for Normal Maps you might need to choose normal map with flipped Green channel. This product already includes versions of normals with flipped and non-flipped Green channel.

There're no LODs in this version.
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