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Ultimate Complete Rigged Female 3D-Modell

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Maya 2018 Arnold
3ds Max 2018 Arnold
Ultimate 3DSMax Rigged Female User Guide .pdf
3DSMax Female Rig User Guide
Ultimate Maya Rigged Female User Guide .pdf
Maya Female Rig User Guide

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Produkt ID:1035541
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit March 2009
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**A portion of the proceeds from this purchase will be donated to the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY to help the fight against cancer. Thank you for your support!**

Ultimate Complete Rigged Female (Maya and 3DSMax)
includes PDF explaining rigs for both Maya and 3DS Max

Completely optimized for Maya 2018 and 3DSMax 2018
(all preview images are from Maya unless it says 3DSMax Render)

The most complete Full Body Female Anatomy asset is now rigged to allow animation and custom posing. Includes skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, nervous system, lymphatic system, digestive system, respiratory system, and urogenital system.

Ultimate Complete Rigged Female: (walk cycle animation included)

-Character has full body rig to allow custom posing and animation
-Fingers have easy finger roll sliders
-Breast have dynamic jiggle (Maya Only) and manual controls
-Feet have roll sliders for easy animation
-Arm and Legs use IK solving.
-Eyes have Aim Control
-Mouth has Slider control
-Transparency sliders allow custom levels of transparency per system.
-All systems can be toggle on or off.
-Several x-Ray Body shaders can be toggled on or off to see how the skin is positioned over the muscles and bones.
-Built-in control sliders allow for model to be rotated 360 degrees without disrupting lighting.
-Bikini (Maya Only)

-Native Maya File
-Real World Scale (Height 5'''' 10'''')
-Realistic Textures
-Displacement map for extreme detail (3DSMax uses only normal maps)
-Clean edge-loop based topology (no n-gons, minimal triangles)
-Light set up ready to Render

(2048x2048) Arm_Color.tif
(2048x2048) Arm_Displacement.tif
(4096x4096) Brain_Color.tif
(4096x4096) Brain_Displacement.tif
(4096x4096) Digestive_Color.tif
(4096x4096) Digestive_Displacement.tif
(2048x2048) EyeIris_Color.tif
(2048x2048) EyeSclera_Color.tif
(4096x4096) Heart_Displacement.tif
(4096x4096) Heart_Specular.tif
(4096x4096) Heart_Texture.tif
(2048x1024) ImageBasedLighting.hdr
(2048x2048) Leg_Color.tif
(2048x2048) Leg_Displacement.tif
(4096x4096) Liver_Color,tif
(4096x4096) Liver_Displacement.tif
(4096x4096) Lungs_Color.tif
(4096x4096) Lungs_Displacement.tif
(1024x1024) Mandibile_Color.tif
(1024x1024) Mandible_Displacement.tif
(1024x1024) Mandibular_Teeth_Color.tif
(1024x1024) Mandibular_Teeth_Displacement.tif
(1024x1024) Maxilary_Teeth_Color.tif
(1024x1024) Maxilary_Teeth_Displacement.tif
(8192x8192) Muscles_Color
(2048x2048) Pelvis_Color.tif
(2048x2048) Pelvis_Displacement.tif
(2048x2048) Ribs_Color.tif
(4096x4096) Respiratory_Color.bmp
(2048x2048) Skeleton_Torso_Color.tif
(2048x2048) Skull_Color.tif
(2048x2048) Skull_Displacement.tif
(8192x8192) Skin_Female_Color.tif
(4096x4096) Skin_Female_Displacement.tif
(2048x2048) Spleen_Color.tif
(2048x2048) Tracheal_Color.tif
(2048x2048) Tracheal_Displacement.tif
(4096x4096) TongueGums_Color.bmp
(4096x4096) Urogenital_Female_Color.tif

Please note rig curves do not render
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