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Stuhl aus blauem Polyester und Mahagoni 3D-Modell

durch revive3d
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Royalty Free Lizenz
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3ds Max 2020.1 Arnold 5.3

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Produkt ID:1420860
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads only
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit February 2019
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a high quality blue polyester chair with mahogany wood legs
it has 8k 8192x8192 textures with virtually no visible seams on the model
the Arnold chair has 4 texture maps: BaseColor(Albedo), Normal(Directx), Metallic, roughness all 8k
the model also has extra texture available as a separate download (as part of this product purchase) all 8k as well
the extra textures are Ambient Occlusion, Glossiness, Specular, Diffuse

this chair model was modeled to real world chair size and is about the size of a dining room chair but it can also have other uses

the dimensions are:
width (side to side): 43cm (42.999cm)
height 91cm (91.297cm)
length( front to back):45cm (45.321cm)
height from floor to chair sitting area: around 41cm
height from chair sitting area to top of chair: around 50cm

the Arnold scene has a 1.85 aspect ratio 360 camera (set to 1.85 before rendering and 2 front cameras one 1/1 aspect ratio and one 1/1.85 aspect ratio

the arnold model has 7 arnold area lights:
3 from the front
2 from the sides
2 from the back
all instences of the same light for easy adjustment

the geometry of this model is used as the geometry of other chair models i am selling here on turbosquid
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