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SA-11 / SA-17 Bataillon 3D-Modell

Softimage 3.5
Lightwave 6.0
3ds Max 5.0
3D Studio
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Produkt ID: 595678
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Seit 2003
Collection of detailed models suitable for representing two battalions of Russians SAM systems - 'Buk-M1/Buk-M1-2' (SA-11/SA-17) and newest 'Buk-M2' (SA-17). This collection contain 7 folders inside. There are:
1. Two - deployed and stowed - models of SA-11/SA-17 TELAR ($140 for individual product)
2. Two - deployed and stowed - models of SA-11/SA-17 TEL ($140 for individual product)
3. Two - deployed and stowed - models of SA-17 TELAR ($140 for individual product)
4. SA-11/SA-17 Snow Drift early warning radar ($140 for individual product)
5. SA-17 Fire Dome low altitude target acquisition and missile guidance radar ($120 for individual product)
6. SA-11/SA-17 Command Post vehicle ($100 for individual product)
7. SA-11/SA-17 Reloading Group ($250 for individual product), which is the scene representing the reloading process of the SA-11/SA-17 TEL and consisting of SA-11/SA-17 missile transporter, Ural-375 mobile crane, SA-11/SA-17 TEL.

All models are real world scaled, hierarchically linked and ready for animation. Save money, purchasing this asset.

To see full details, please download a booklet. You must have Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher to read it.

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