XNA Game Studio Express

XNA Game Studio Express is a new offering designed to help interested hobbyists, academics and small indie developers explore their interests in game development. It is available as a free download that includes easy-to-use tools, cross-platform gaming libraries, starter kits and documentation that an aspiring game developer needs to begin creating exciting games for Windows and the Xbox 360.

Explore the XNA Developer Center for free downloads of everything you need to get started creating.

XNA Developers:

We currently offer thousands of models in XNA-compatible formats. Check out the most popular and the newest models to the right, or click “see more” to check out our broader library of .fbx and .x models.

TurboSquid Artists:

You can add your work to our XNA catalogue by converting your models into one of the XNA-compatible formats. XNA Game Studio users are always looking for more content; check out the XNA Developer Center to learn how best to convert your models into the formats that XNA developers are looking for.

More Game Tools:

Check out our gmax page to download a free 3D modelling and animation program from Autodesk.

A World of XNA-Compatible 3D Models

TurboSquid’s library of compatible 3D models provides users of Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express with the high-quality 3D art assets that they need to bring their XNA-based video games to life. TurboSquid proudly hosts a community of the world’s finest 3D artists. Through a partnership with Microsoft, we are able to make those artists’ game ready models available to users of XNA Game Studio Express.

XNA developers will find a growing supply of both free and competitively priced models in XNA Framework Content Pipeline-compatible file types (.fbx and .x) that they can incorporate into their games. As TurboSquid artists create new content, the supply of XNA-ready art will be constantly updated on this site, so check back often.