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TurboSquid Announces First Magazine Published in iTunes LP Format

(New Orleans, LA – January 22, 2010) – TurboSquid, the world's largest online marketplace for stock 3D models, has announced the creation and upcoming delivery of TurboSquid Magazine (tm), the premiere electronic journal for 3D content. In a strategic partnership with publisher Write2Grow, TurboSquid Magazine will be the first in the world published in the new iTunes LP® format. TurboSquid will license its worldwide brand and lend its expertise in the field of 3D to Write2Grow, LLC, who will publish the magazine.

The publisher will create content "far above and beyond what the current market offers," according to TurboSquid Magazine editor Charles Henderson. "We will use our proven model to deliver better quality content, a larger audience to advertisers, and an amazing delivery model that will outshine anything on the planet."

"We already touch more 3D content creators and consumers than anyone else in the world," according to TurboSquid's Vice President of Marketing, Michele Bousquet. "With this venture, Write2Grow will leverage our expertise with a leading-edge technology to bring interesting and relevant content to readers all over the world. This will help extend our brand as well as provide a focused showcase for the tremendous talents of our vendors and partners."

TurboSquid has long provided the largest marketplace for 3D models for multiple manufacturers including Autodesk, Maxon, Adobe, Luxology, Dassault and Newtek among others and includes industry recognized products such as 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, modo, Lightwave, CINEMA4D and Revit among many others. In 2009, TurboSquid was officially named as Autodesk’s exclusive marketplace provider of user-generated 3D content for its Seek service, and continues to strive to provide unique and profitable opportunities for its content providers.

TurboSquid Magazine will be an added value to the marketplace, and will be appreciated by 3D designers, animators, artists, architects, and engineers as well as those new to the world of 3D. It will look to shine a spotlight on its extraordinary vendors who produce the 3D models available for sale on their website and the techniques they use to generate such amazing work.

About TurboSquid

Founded in 2000, TurboSquid is the leading global marketplace for 3D Models, Textures, and Plug-ins. Customers in every line of work from Movies, Games, Television News, Architecture, Advertising, Defense and more depend on TurboSquid to save their projects time and money. They are supplied world-class content by the TurboSquid community’s ever growing community of professional modelers. More information can be found at the company's website:

Michele Bousquet
VP Marketing
TurboSquid, Inc

About Write2Grow

Write2Grow, LLC is a Louisiana company whose mission is to encourage the development of leading-edge media content delivery technologies and platforms.

Tammy Dempsey
TurboSquid Magazine