cebas VT Inc.

volumeBreaker 1.0 SP2 from cebas VT Inc.

volumeBreaker is our revolutionary destruction technology that allows you to crumble, fracture, explode and otherwise obliterate any geometry in your 3ds Max scenes. Battle tested on Hollywood blockbusters like 2012 this incredible suite of tools will give you everything you need to create incredible effects for your clients.

finalRender R3.5 SE from cebas VT Inc.

finalRender R3.5 Studio Edition (SE) provides workflow enhancements specifically created to help large production facilities meet their quality and flexibility standards for high-end film work. In addition to finalRender R3.5, the bundle also includes finalToon, finalShaders and pyroCluster, giving you the tools needed to create stunning imagery.

finalRender R3.5 from cebas VT Inc.

finalRender R3.5 represents the evolution of robust raytracing and Global Illumination rendering systems for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. It offers both an Interactive Renderer along with finalToon R3.5 for non-photorealistic renderer so that no matter what your production requires, the renderer can deliver stunning results every time.

finalRender R2 for Maya from cebas VT Inc.

finalRender R2 for Maya provides a highly cost effective rendering solution for productions that require both incredible image fidelity and speed. This amazing plug-in also offers advanced distributed rendering so that multiple computers can contribute to a single rendered frame for quick iteration on time-critical projects.


finalRender Stage-2 for CINEMA 4D provides a highly cost effective rendering solution for productions that require both incredible image fidelity and speed. Based on the same core technology as its Maya counterpart, pipelines that utilize both packages can transfer data seamlessly between them.

finalToon R3.5 from cebas VT Inc.

Draw upon your imagination and take charge! finalToon is an impressive True Line Renderer with amazing line quality and rendering speed. 2D cartoon and technical illustration files that normally take a long time to render are now lightning fast in finalToon! Outline strokes can also be controlled by true 3D distance or lighting.

thinkingParticles 5.0 from cebas VT Inc.

ThinkingParticles 5 is the most advanced particle system available for 3ds Max users. Battle tested on many major motion pictures including the epic disaster pic 2012, this system is based on rules and conditions instead of event triggers, so particle effects can be built independently of time constraints and work within any animation.

finalF/X Bundle 1.5 from cebas VT Inc.

The finalF/X special effects suite provides you with access to multiple tools: finalFlares, finalDOF, pyroCluster and two mental ray render licenses for pyroCluster - all in one affordable product. Render killer flares, create stunning depth-of-field renderings and add stellar volumetric particle effects to your scenes today!

finalFlares 1.5 from cebas VT Inc.

finalFlares, the successful successor to RealLensFlare II, provides artists with incredible flare, glow and highlight technologies wrapped into one integrated package. Artists can do more with finalFlares than with any other flare package available today, and in far less time.

finalDOF 1.5 from cebas VT Inc.

finalDOF™ is cebas' next generation rendering effects plug-in tool for Depth Of Field (DOF) and Motion Blur for 3ds Max users. Get killer camera effects in a fraction of the time it would normally take with complete interactivity and quality output.

pyroCluster 3.5 from cebas VT Inc.

pyroCluster 3.5 offers state of the art volume rendering technologies and it is one of the most flexible 3D smoke/cloud generators for 3ds Max. pyroCluster can not only create smoke or haze but is perfect for fiery or solid liquid effects as well. Turbulent water falls and snow avalanches are all possible with one single product!

psd-manager 3.0 from cebas VT Inc.

psd-manager™ 3 is the first and only advanced PSD file exporter available for 3ds Max. With it, you can save out your files as layered PSD images, then re-adjust nearly everything in your output renderings within Adobe® Photoshop® or any another application that supports these PSD files.

scalpelMAX SP1 from cebas VT Inc.

scalpelMAX gives you all of the tools you need to create advanced slicing operations within 3ds Max. Create convincing cutaway views and animations, opening up your models to show their construction. Beyond a simple boolean fucntion, this plug-in provides clean, predictable results on even the most complex geometry.

stairMAX R2 from cebas VT Inc.

stairMAX lets you create parametric stairs and escalators from within 3ds Max or 3ds Max Design. Every single stair parameter can be animated because stairMAX uses a fully parametric approach to create 3D stairs. With just a few mouse clicks you can build hundreds of different staircase designs with ease and visual feedback.

maxVR.qt 2.0 from cebas VT Inc.

maxVR.qt 2.0 gives you the ability to output interactive 3d model files using licensed QuickTimeVR technology from Apple. You now have the freedom to create and distribute .MOV files that represent your objects to clients which makes the visual communication between you and your customers a much easier process.