Turbo Training

CreatureFX: Volume 1 from Allan McKay

CreatureFX is aimed at showing users how to create specific FX shots used in production. In Volume 1 you'll learn the entire creative process for generating convincing character disintegration effects; similar to the visual effects created for the feature film Day Breakers to show a character bursting into flames and burning away.

PFlow Toolbox Office: Vol. 1 from Anselm v.Seherr-Thoss

This kit focuses on intermediate and advanced topics for getting the most out of the popular Particle Flow plug-in technologies: Box 1 and Box 3 Pro, and will give professional users the ability to assemble complex PFlow systems using these incredible plug-in tools. A must for any up and coming particle guru.

PFlow Toolbox Office: Vol. 2 from Anselm v.Seherr-Thoss

With over 9 hours of training, this kit focuses on intermediate topics for getting the most out of the popular Particle Flow Tools: Box 2 Pro, Box 3 Pro and Rayfire products, and will give professional users the ability to assemble incredible PFlow effects using these plug-in tools. A must for any up and coming particle guru.

PFlow Toolbox Office: 1 & 2 from Anselm v.Seherr-Thoss

Get all of the essential training on Particle Flow Tools: Box 1, Box 2 Pro and Box 3 Pro with this bundle. Containing over 20 hours of material and showing how these powerful plug-in tools inter-connect to create sophisticated effects, you'll find yourself able to produce even the most challenging of effects after completing this course.

FumeFX Advanced from Allan McKay

FumeFX Advanced goes deep into the FumeFX plug-in and Allan shows users how to get the most out of this extensive product. With over 24-hours (2 DVD set) of training, you'll learn all aspects of producing a visual effects shot, from concept to compositing and everything inbetween.

FumeFX Essentials from Allan McKay

Get up to speed with FumeFX quicker than you could have imagined. Special effects guru Allan McKay leads you through 3 hours of production techniques to give you the edge over the competition. Learn to utilize all of the advanced functionality of Sitni Sati's powerful FumeFX plug-in suite.

Advanced Visual Effects 2 from Allan McKay

Particle guru Allan McKay is back with 7 new project-based tutorials to help you expand your use of the built-in Particle Flow system to create a number of natural effects. This kit contains over 6 hours of training footage to help you see how Allan uses PFlow in his daily work.

Advanced Visual Effects from Allan McKay

If you're looking for training beyond the basics, then the Advanced Visual Effects DVD is for you. This DVD volume (part of the new Turbo Training collection) contains over 14 hours of material from special effects creator and Particle Flow master Allan McKay.


In this first of three DVDs focused on his 'deathwuurm' character, David leads you through the extensive poly-modelling toolset to show you his proven workflow to creating exciting and dynamic creatures. You simply won't believe how much you'll learn in this jam-packed 2.5 hours.

Cloth Techniques from Beau Perschall

This DVD training goes above and beyond normal flags and curtains cloth examples, and shows you how to create far more complex garments using the GarmentMaker modifier, as well as giving you an arsenal of information that will help you be more productive in less time.

Advanced Cloth Workshop from Paul Hormis

Animator and veteran technical director Paul Hormis takes you through the ins and outs of how you can push the Cloth extension and the clothfx plug-in well beyond what you may have imagined with over 4 hours of concentrated learning on production level techniques that he's used in his own work.


Get the most out of your cloth work inside of Autodesk 3ds Max with over 7 hours of beyond-the-basics training from industry veterans Paul Hormis and Beau Perschall. Every aspect of both GarmentMaker and the cloth modifiers are detailed so you can get amazing results from this powerful set of tools.