Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-ins

ACAPs can help you create breathtaking CGI rendered while adding to the efficiency of your workflow. Best of all, these tools are certified, so you can be assured of quality and value.

FumeFX 2.1 from Sitni Sati

FumeFX 2 is the next generation of fire, smoke and explosion creation tools. This unique plug-in is a powerful gaseous fluid dynamics simulator and now offers more features including Wavelet Turbulence and Retiming of existing simulations to help speed your production pipeline. Check it out today!

AfterBurn 4.0 from Sitni Sati

AfterBurn 4.0 is the standard when it comes to creating volumetric particle effects within 3ds Max. AfterBurn's pedigree is unquestionable and the control it provides FX artists is unparalleled. Version 4.0 further improves upon this standard and provides new, intuitive solutions for the most requested user features.

DreamScape 2.5 from Sitni Sati

Build impressive environments to eliminate confusion! DreamScape 2.5 provides users with cutting edge tools for creating realistic landscapes, seascapes, skies, outdoor lighting and more. This incredible plug-in technology is actually a tightly integrated suite of tools that will give you total control over your virtual worlds.

Particle Flow Tools™: Box 1 from Orbaz Technologies

Particle Flow Tools™: Box 1 is a set of Particle Flow operators designed to extend PFlow's normal capabilities. Written by the same developer who created PFlow, this set of tools shows how open 3ds Max's built-in event-based particle system is.

Kaldera from Mankua

Kaldera is a robust texture baking plug-in that gives users the ability to render full scene information (including lighting and Height Maps) into special texture maps based on your object's appearance and relationship to other objects within your scene. Much faster and more intuitive than the built-in Render-to-Texture feature.

NodeJoe from Thinking Apes GmbH

NodeJoe is a new schematic material editor that provides users with an intuitive way of working with complex material trees. It provides full compatibility with all the materials types that work within 3ds Max including mental ray and other popular renderers as well. It will boost your creativity and change the way you work.

clothfx from Size8 Software

clothfx (formerly known as "Stitch") is a production-proven cloth simulation system for 3ds Max that provides users with a multitude of advanced tools necessary to create realistic fabrics and tailor-made clothing for their characters and creatures.

Power NURBS Pro 7 from nPower Software

Power NURBS Pro seamlessly combines Solids and Surface modeling to provide the maximum modeling power and flexibility. Thanks to the power of SOLIDS++, Power NURBS Pro provides solids and surface modeling for maximum creativity.

Power Solids 7 from nPower Software

Power Solids brings the power of Solids Modeling tools like Booleans, Filleting and Shelling into your Autodesk 3ds Max environment, including support for Boundary Representations (BREPs), used in most modern day CAD systems.

Power Translators 7 from nPower Software

Have you ever had to re-create a CAD model inside of 3ds Max? Power Translators is the answer to easily get CAD models and assemblies into 3ds Max. Power Translators reads IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino and creates a 'BrepObject' to represent the precise geometry defined in these files.

Power Translators 7 Pro from nPower Software

Power Translators Professional is a ground breaking, highly efficient professional tool that combines state-of-the-art hardware and networking technologies with the advanced geometric modeling technology. Power Translators Pro includes Power NURBS Pro and Power SolidWorks To Max.

Power Translators Universal 7 from nPower Software

Power Translators Universal provides the ultimate in translation tools including all of the functionality of the following tools: Power Translators Basic, Catia, ProE, Rhino and UGS. Using Power Translators Universal, you can access even the most complex CAD/CAM content and convert it for use within 3ds Max quickly and efficiently.

Power Rhino To Max 7 from nPower Software

Power Rhino2Max is the answer to get those Rhino models and assemblies into 3ds Max with the push of a button. Power Rhino2Max reads native Rhino files and creates a "Power NURBS" object to represent the precise geometry defined in these files.

Power Body Object Toolkit 7 from nPower Software

Power Body Ojbect Toolkit provides you with everything you need to handle export to STL for facilitation of Rapid Prototyping machines. It can handle even the most difficult model cleanup by adding blended surfaces, even where imported surfaces are missing! Check it out today.