Sr. Software Engineer – Infrastructure – Ruby / Rails

Do you want to work for an established company with a startup culture?

TurboSquid’s been around a long time, not a long time in recorded history, but we started before the first dot-com crash in 2000 when nobody knew what 3D was. With hard work, innovation, and good timing, TurboSquid became the web's first successful content marketplace, dominating the 3D content space like iStock dominates photography. We’ve built a platform and model for content delivery that has served us well, but the landscape has changed, and the problems are more complex, and our market is growing…we need something new.

So here's a chance to join a team of developers building a next-gen content system for tens of millions of users. Through our years of experience we have gained a lot of knowledge, but we don’t know everything, and we need smart people that want to come and share their experience and knowledge. We’re looking for developers that can quickly iterate prototypes, then dig in and take it all the way to production. We’re looking for people that can contribute to building a highly scalable architecture in AWS across multiple availability zones utilizing geo-load balancing to minimize latency and deliver a great user experience. If the last sentence made sense, send a resume to If you’ve already done something similar to it, send a resume directly to our CTO,

We’re not tied up on language, and expect our system to be a mix of whatever is the best tool for the job, but we have an immediate need in our infrastructure group for Sr. Ruby Engineers with deep experience implementing highly scalable websites. By deep, we mean 5+ years; by knowledge, we mean not just semantics and syntax, but efficiency trade-offs between different ways of solving problems in that language. Oh, and we expect you to know a ton about databases as well. And by ton, we mean inner and outer joins, foreign keys, third normal form and when to break it, row vs. page locking, etc. Go ahead and throw in some NoSQL experience as well, we have a need for that too.

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