Sr. Software Engineer – Front-End

Do you want to participate in a non-start-start-up? If the answer is “yes”, or even “what the hell does that mean?”, see below…

TurboSquid’s been around a long time, not long in history of time type of way, but we started before the first dot bomb crash in 2000 when nobody knew what 3D was and people used to argue that analog cell phones were still the best. With hard work, innovation, and good timing, TurboSquid became the web's first successful content marketplace, dominating the 3D content space like iStock dominates photography. We’ve built a platform and model for content delivery that has served us well, but the landscape has changed, and the problems are more complex, and our market is growing…we need something new.

We are already out there looking for the next round of infrastructure developers to build out our back-end systems, but we also need great front-end developers that can deliver an awesome experience to our customers. We need heavy JavaScript experience with solid CSS and HTML. You’ll need to have depth in at least one server-side language (PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, etc.) for when an API call just won’t suffice. You will be working with our expert team of designers to prototype interactive versions of their designs then hooking it up to our backend, and deploying to millions of customers – if that sounds cool, we’d love to hear from you.

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