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3d-io plug-ins technologies allow you to finish mapping tasks faster than ever before.
Flatiron, Unwrella 2, UV-Packer

Craft Animations

Craft Director Tools™ simulate the complex physical behaviors of cameras and vehicles in Max and Maya.
Craft Director Tools product listing


World-class rendering and materials, and 3D painting plug-ins for 3ds Max users.
finalRender R3.5 SE, volumeBreaker, scalpelMAX


The latest in sophisticated character animation tools for 3ds Max, Maya and XSI users.
Facial Studio, Morph Toolkit, Voice-O-Matic


From the developers of the powerful hairfx and Ornatrix hair and fur plug-ins comes a stylish combination.

OC3 Entertainment

Facial Animation Experts OC3 Entertainment provide world-class tools for game developers.
FaceFX Studio Pro, FaceFX Plug-in for 3ds Max

Batzal Software

Quickly model and texture high quality roofs inside 3ds Max.
Roof Designer

Digital Raster

Workflow efficiency tools and software for Max and Maya users.

Bytegeist Software

Makers of simple but killer special effects plug-ins for 3ds Max.
Ghost Trails 3


The ultimate in face creation tools for game developers and digital content creators.
GenHead 3.1, GenCrowd 3D

David Gould

Industrial strength cartoon and technical illustration plug-in technology for artists and animators.

FerReel Animation Labs

Uncanny demolition, destruction and virtual mayhem tools for Maya artists. Blow stuff up REAL good!
Blast Code Kiloton, Blast Code Megaton

Geometric Informatics

Quick and painless UV unwrapping technology for texture artists.
Geo UV

iPi Software

Standalone Markerless motion capture for everyone.
iPi Desktop Motion Capture Standard Edition