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TurboSquid Revit® Family Contest Winners Announced

(New Orleans, LA – May 21, 2009) – – Revit Market, TurboSquid’s marketplace for user-generated Revit families and an Autodesk® partner, has announced the winners of its Revit Family Contest. Winners included both professional and student users from the United States, Australia, and Germany.

Contest entrants were asked to create a scene using their Revit families published for sale at Revit Market. Entries were judged based on the quality of design and number of families used. Prizes were awarded as follows:

Corporate Category
1st prize: Christie Hanson, Allen + Philp Architects (Member name: RVT Custom Content)
2nd prize: Ballew Designs (Member name: BallewDesigns)
3rd prize: Robert Glinn, Pendulum Studio LLC (Member name: RevitComponents)

Freelance Category
1st prize: Mark Johnson (Member name: MJHK)
2nd prize: Strachan Forgan (Member name: FogCityBrit)
3rd prize: André seifert (Member name: Seifert)

Student Category
1st prize: Tom de Plater (Member name: RFA Central)
2nd prize: Richard Huxley (Member name: RFA Central)

Prizes awarded were $2500, $1000, and $500 for first, second, and third prizes respectively. Visit our Revit Family Contest page to see the winning entries.

Contest winners were excited not only about the contest results, but about the continuing opportunities afforded by Revit Market.

"I was thrilled to be recognized in the Revit Market contest,” said Strachan Forgan, aka FogCityBrit. “The marketplace is a fantastic mechanism to unlock the value of the content we create, while providing other users significant time savings. “

"Revit Market is a great step to make BIM popular,” says Andre Seifert. “By offering virtual building elements for sale, both sides are winning—the seller strives to improve his offerings, and the consumer is able to chose from a wide range of high quality products."

“As a student born and bred on Revit, it was always a challenge for me to find quality Revit families,” says Tom de Plater of RFA Central. “Because I had to make my own, now I have a small library of families that I can offer to other people. Revit Market is a win-win for me. Start the Revitlution!”

About Revit Market

TurboSquid’s Revit Market was started in December 2008 in partnership with Autodesk Seek. While Autodesk Seek provides free manufacturer content, Revit Market serves the market for user-generated content.

About TurboSquid

Founded in 2000, TurboSquid is the leading global marketplace for 3D Models, Textures, and Plug-ins. Customers in every line of work from Movies, Games, Television News, Architecture, Advertising, Defense and more depend on TurboSquid to save their projects time and money. They are supplied world-class content by the TurboSquid community’s ever growing community of professional modelers. More information can be found at the company's website:

Michele Bousquet
Director of Marketing, Emerging Markets
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