Lead Artist / Associate Art Director

TurboSquid is the world’s leading seller of 3D Models, and is expanding the company’s Custom 3D team. We are looking for a 3D Artist that is versatile, experienced, and interested in working in a small company atmosphere with a collaborative style.

With over two million members, TurboSquid acts as an online broker for thousands of artists who publish their digital work (over 250,000 individual products) for sale on our site. We are located in the Central Business District of New Orleans in a vibrant walkable section of town close to restaurants, coffee shops and bars. TurboSquid is continuing to grow, and our industry is gaining unprecedented attention with the widespread popularity of 3D entertainment. Our customers include Pixar, Electronic Arts, Apple, Microsoft and thousands of others you wouldn’t realize need 3D all the time.

We offer a competitive salary, with flexible work hours, 401k match, group healthcare plan, 15 days of paid time off and 9 company holidays.

Job Description:

This is a leadership position within the Artist team working closely with the Creative Director to manage Artists both internally and externally. The Lead Artist/Associate Art Director should be focused on providing creative feedback to other artists throughout the production process, as well as a final Visual QA check when the finished model is submitted. The Lead Artist/Associate Art Director needs to judge when content is meeting the appropriate visual quality level while also meeting the requirements of the appropriate spec. The Lead Artist/Associate Art Director should also help identify what the appropriate career path for an artist should be. Do they need more training, or are they ready for more advanced work?

The Lead Artist/Associate Art Director can be creating content as time allows, but should place a priority on helping artists whenever necessary. The primary incentive for the Lead Artist should be the number of passing models produced by their team, and the number of qualified artists that they manage.


  • Interact with artists through a variety of channels – in person, VOIP, recorded videos, written messages, etc. Provide regular feedback to the artist while each model is in production
  • Approve or reject models that are submitted for final Visual QA
  • Work with artists who might be onsite or remote
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to other Artists
  • Review new project specification documents for issues
  • Be available to answer questions and provide timely, actionable feedback
  • Review artist estimates on deadline-driven projects
  • Communicate artists’ concerns to management
  • Contribute to the production of training documentation, tutorials, and project post-mortems
Position Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in a production environment within the 3D industry
  • Experience managing 3D Artists
  • A strong eye for quality and photorealism
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to articulate creative concepts
  • A portfolio of existing photoreal 3D work
Application Procedure

Please apply by sending your resume, cover letter, and anything else you’d like to send to with the subject line “Lead Artist”.

  • Cover letter (as body of the email) that discusses your most important skills that match this job description. Make sure to include your TurboSquid member account name in the cover letter
  • Resume (as attachment to email)
  • A strong portfolio of existing photoreal 3D work (web link)
  • Be sure to put “Lead Artist” in the subject line of your email (otherwise your application may get lost)

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