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Turbo Squid Announces Release of New Turbo Training DVD by Allan McKay

McKay’s Advanced Visual Effects 2 teaches innovative techniques for creating a variety of visual effects

(New Orleans, LA – June 1, 2006) – TurboSquid, home of the world’s largest collection of royalty-free 3D assets, is pleased to announce the release of Turbo Training: Advanced Visual Effects 2 from Allan McKay. This newest addition to the Turbo Training DVD collection teaches users innovative techniques for creating a variety of visual effects, including oozing lava, crumbling icebergs, exploding tanks, and more.

“The idea of this DVD is really to show you some ways that you might not have ever thought of working before, and to create some very intricate procedural systems that allow you to do complicated work – without crippling yourself to number crunching and alienating yourself from working visually as an artist,” explains McKay, whose extensive graphics expertise has helped create numerous films, TV commercials and games. In this DVD, McKay shares his particular talent for the simulation of natural phenomena. “The best part is that most of it can be used in completely different situations once you’ve learned the theory behind it all.”

Advanced Visual Effects 2 features seven complete project-based tutorials that cover all aspects of production-level visual effects using the built-in 3ds Max Particle Flow particle system. The tutorials take the user through the entire creation process from start to finish for each of the various particle effects. Scenes files are included to allow users to follow along with the tutorials. Additionally, the DVD covers the use of the Autodesk Certified Animation plug-ins AfterBurn 3 and Particle Flow Tools: Box 1 within a number of the tutorials.

Output of several of the tutorials is taken into Eyeon’s Digital Fusion compositing application for further manipulation and layering of elements to achieve the final effect. While the DVD shows the use of one compositing package, the material contained can easily be done within other applications like Autodesk Combustion or Adobe After Effects.

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Advanced Visual Effects 2 has a suggested retail price of $59.95 and is available at

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