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TurboSquid’s Revit Market Reaches 2500+ Revit Families

World’s largest Revit® marketplace cites certification as key to success

(New Orleans, LA – July 9, 2009) – – TurboSquid's Revit Market, having reached 2500+ quality Revit families for sale at affordable prices, is now the world’s largest online marketplace for generic Revit content. TurboSquid Inc., the largest online marketplace for 3D models, in conjunction with Autodesk® Seek, the online source for building product design information, created Revit Market as a place for users to browse, buy, and sell user-generated Revit® content through a TurboSquid-powered marketplace.

Revit Market specializes in non-manufacturer-specific furniture, appliances, and furnishings in the $5-$20 range, complementing the wealth of free manufacturer-specific content found through Autodesk Seek. All content at Revit Market is created by Revit users themselves. Revit Market distinguishes itself from other user content websites with a rigorous quality certification system, backing every certified family with a TurboSquid guarantee.

Revit Market, started in December 2008 as a public Beta, has received a resoundingly positive response during its proving period. “I found so many useful entourage families at Revit Market that I couldn’t find anywhere else,” said Kit Rautio of Rescadd Design Services, a Revit Market customer. “And they all worked the way I expected them to! Being able to download families when I need them, and for such great prices, has made it possible for me to finish projects without staying up all night, projects that I couldn’t have done otherwise.”

“The collection of user-generated content on Revit Market has become a significant contribution to the Revit user community,” said Jeff Wright, senior director for the Autodesk Content Network. “With a wealth of user-generated content on Revit Market, and a breadth of manufacturer-specific information found through Autodesk Seek, the two services are fast becoming the de facto standards for finding and selecting product information online for Revit design projects,” he added.

Certification System Key to Success

The power of Autodesk Revit lies in its parametric components, which allow users to store building information about each item right in the project. These parametric components, called families in Revit, form a basis for Building Information Modeling (BIM), where a schedule or budget can be automatically generated based on the data stored in a project. In this way, a Revit project can be used as not only a visual design tool, but as a working document throughout the entire building process.

Revit users can create their own families, but not all user-created content works correctly. In fact, Revit users, by survey, stated quality as their number one concern when downloading. In response, Revit Market puts each family on its site through a rigorous testing procedure. “If you’re editing a chair and you enter a new value for the Height parameter, the chair’s legs, seat, and back should change dimensions intelligently,” said Michele Bousquet, Director of Marketing for Emerging Markets at TurboSquid. “Flexing, materials, hosting—it all needs to work. We test every single family, and mark those that pass as Revit Certified Content.” She adds that the certification system, backed by TurboSquid’s 24/7 support and quality guarantee, is the key to Revit Market’s success.

“Precise, accurate and high-quality Revit models are always in demand by architecture firms using BIM technology,” said Revit Market customer Oswaldo Martinez of DiGeronimo PC. “Revit Market has proven to be a valuable and dependable resource for us, improving our workflow and increasing efficiency and productivity.”

Publishers at Revit Market include large architectural firms such as AC Martin as well as many individuals creating content specifically for Revit Market. Publishers share in revenues from sales of their families. TurboSquid also offers a Custom 3D service for customers who want custom Revit content.

“Revit Market has always had the same goal as Autodesk Seek—to help Revit users complete their projects as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Matt Wisdom, CEO of TurboSquid. “Autodesk Seek is the top online source for product information for users of leading software applications, and our relationship with them has given us an opportunity to complement their offerings with Revit Market. Now that we have more than 2500 families on offer, we’re inviting users to experience Revit Market for themselves.”

“As a student born and bred on Revit, it was always a challenge for me to find quality Revit families,” says Tom de Plater of RFA Central. “Because I had to make my own, now I have a small library of families that I can offer to other people. Revit Market is a win-win for me. Start the Revitlution!”

About Revit Market

TurboSquid’s Revit Market was started in December 2008 in partnership with Autodesk Seek. While Autodesk Seek provides free manufacturer content, Revit Market serves the market for user-generated content.

About TurboSquid

Founded in 2000, TurboSquid is the leading global marketplace for 3D Models, Textures, and Plug-ins. Customers in every line of work from Movies, Games, Television News, Architecture, Advertising, Defense and more depend on TurboSquid to save their projects time and money. They are supplied world-class content by the TurboSquid community’s ever growing community of professional modelers. More information can be found at the company's website:

Michele Bousquet
Director of Marketing, Emerging Markets
TurboSquid, Inc