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Turbo Squid Announces Release of Hairtrix

Newest plug-in gives users the power of the leading applications: hairfx and Ornatrix

(New Orleans, LA – August 30, 2007) - TurboSquid, home to the world’s largest collection of royalty-free 3D assets, is pleased to announce the release of Hairtrix from Dimension Design and Ephere. This newest addition to the Turbo Squid plug-in collection combines the best features to give advanced 3ds Max users the best hair creation and simulation. Hairtrix consists of two formerly independent plug-ins, hairfx and Ornatrix that can now be used in concert to create amazing hair and fur effects. Both hairfx and Ornatrix are production-proven hair creation and simulation tools for 3ds Max and they provide users with a multitude of advanced tools for creating realistic hair and fur, and simulating its movement.

Here are some of the many features Hairtrix provides users with:

  • Brush-based hair combing directly within the 3ds Max viewports
  • Multiple dynamics engines (including Aegia PhysX) allow for complex motion to be created quickly for hair
  • Cloth Mesh converter provides support for built-in cloth and SimCloth3 dynamics
  • Advanced anti-aliasing engines for clean renders
  • Full mental ray support
  • Improved Surface Distribution dialogs allow new ways to derive parameters from the emitter surfaces
  • Save payment information and wish lists
  • Random Distribution curve controls allow the user to define the exact distribution of a parameter over its range

With hair creation and simulation, it has always been difficult to achieve good results in a reasonable time frame. “With Hairtrix you get the best of two worlds to create convincing hairstyles”, explains Beau Perschall, Turbo Squid’s Vice President of Business Development, “we’ve taken arguably the two most popular hair creation products for 3ds Max and melded them into one cohesive package giving users the ability to mix and match between the products”. The basic idea behind Hairtrix has been to make a combined generalized framework of tools that allow creation, manipulation, and rendering of sub-pixel objects such as hair. This is no easy task because of the complexity level of structures that have to be dealt with. However, Hairtrix makes creating and animating realistic hair and fur quickly and efficiently a reality.

Pricing and availability

Hairtrix has a suggested retail price of $695 and now from Turbo Squid or from authorized Resellers around the world. For a Reseller near you, contact To read more about Hairtrix.

About TurboSquid

Founded in 2000, TurboSquid is dedicated to the management and distribution of digital products and other relevant content for 3D and 2D designers and creative professionals. TurboSquid provides a global market for digital products by enabling individual and corporate users to list, promote and sell their content to users around the world. In 2003, TurboSquid was named as the exclusive publisher and worldwide distributor for the Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in Program. TurboSquid is a privately held and venture-backed company. More information can be found at the company's web site:

About Dimension dESIGN Animation Group

Dimension dESIGN Animation Group is a software company based in Bulgaria and is responsible for the very popular and production proven hairfx plug-in product. The company is focused on small scale in-house development of tools and technologies in the area of Computer Generated Imagery or Digital Content Creation and has been working on refining its hair technology since 1996 when 3D Studio DOS was still state-of-the-art. Dimension dESIGN A.G. creates plug-ins for the Autodesk Media & Entertainment 3ds max platform.

About EPHERE Productions Inc.

EPHERE Productions Inc. is a software development and digital content production company based in Toronto, ON, Canada. EPHERE has created Ornatrix and several other plug-ins for 3ds Max application. The company specializes in development of software tools for various clients, as well as 3d modeling and animation services.

Elisa Marquez
Marketing Manager
TurboSquid, Inc.