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Turbo Squid announces Service Pack 2 upgrade for cebas’ finalRender Stage-1

“Speed-release” is a free download to all finalRender Stage-1 users!

(New Orleans, LA – December 31, 2003) - Turbo Squid, the world’s largest collection of royalty-free 3D assets for sale, today announced the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for finalRender Stage-1, a Discreet© Certified 3ds max© Plug-in.

SP2 is a free download and provides the following to finalRender Stage-1 users:

  • All new Anti-Aliasing core engine technologies. The latest advanced adaptive Anti-Aliasing sampling algorithms have been implemented within SP2 and provided as a new engine along with significant speed enhancements to the existing engines.
  • Powerful Dynamic Bitmaps technology - finalRender’s native, all-purpose bitmap pager has been incorporated and solves the memory limitations and problems that allows users to render 21K x 21K images and larger along with high resolution textures.
  • Substantial speed increases within complex scenes of up to 10 times compared to SP1
  • Inclusion of our special Adaptive Multiple Ray Sampler code to enhance rendering speed on scenes that use multiple “blurry” rendering effects like Blurry tracing, Area shadows or Quasi Monte Carlo Global Illumination!
  • Drastically Reduced Memory consumption by the renderer core
  • Superior Anti-Aliasing detection in nearly horizontal lines and other extremely thin edges
  • By popular demand, the Cylinder light, a true area light source is now included
  • Game Developer specific enhancements have been added to the output options for SP2
  • UI enhancements have been added for easier access and faster set up of render parameters
  • Fully compatible with Discreet’s 3ds max 6, as well as 3ds max 4, 5 and Viz 4.
  • Better native 3ds max 6 renderer support

Ongoing service and support Enhancements for free for our loyal customers

Beau Perschall, Vice President of Publishing for Turbo Squid, had praise for the new release. “cebas has again raised the bar with their efforts on Service Pack 2 and it shows,” acknowledged Perschall. “They have made tremendous gains in the speed of their renders, while maintaining an exceptional level of output quality. On top of all the fixes and tweaks to their existing code, they’ve even added several new features as a ‘thank you’ for all of their clients. cebas continues to listen to their customers’ needs and requests, and have done a remarkable job in providing a robust solution in such a short timeframe. I think users will be amazed at the output they can get using SP2.”

All registered users of finalRender Stage-1 will receive an email instructing them how to obtain the service pack. Other users may contact for information.

finalRender Stage-1 also includes the following features:

True 3D Motion Blur

The development of a true 3D motion blur tool was driven by the passion of artists around the world. The solution to this is stage-1’s highly accurate motion blur tool that allows definition of moving elements while retaining foreground and background details.


The ability to refract light based on the material’s structure offers stage-1 users creative control over light in objects.

Multiple Cameras

Stage-1 offers nine cameras, including InsectEye, Architectural, Cylinder, Distortion, Fisheye, Panoramic, Spherical, UltraWide, and Window.

Distributed Rendering

True distributed rendering, including Global Illumination, is part of Stage-1. This is a unique approach to taking advantage of massive parallel rendering technology, giving you lightning fast results with the highest quality.

True 3D Micro Triangle Displacement

Stage-1 includes this advanced rendering method to give users the ability to create more surface detail for their models by generating and displacing extra triangles for geometry only at render.


This unique approach to global illumination is based on a sophisticated hybrid energy distribution model that can handle both animated objects and lights (or both of them together) while giving the user full control and speed.

Sub Surface Scattering

Stage-1 offers an enhanced volumetric light scattering algorithm that allows light to be scattered to create volume glow and halo effects like those from diffuse illumination.


finalToon, the standalone product that is actually two products in one, is included in Stage-1 at no additional cost! Besides being a top selling 2D cartoon renderer, finalToon is also a feature rich technical illustrator.

Future Proof

Stage-1 is optimized for Intel® P4 HT code, and is 64 bit ready. FinalRender Stage-1 is also a Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in-designed for seamless integration with 3ds max from Discreet and other Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins.

Comprehensive Package

finalRender Stage-1 was designed from the ground up based on the benefits that users requested most and includes features such as:

  • True Caustic Light Rendering with extended Energy Control
  • Fast Area Shadows
  • Realtime Volume Light Rendering
  • True Geometry Based Direct and Indirect Light Sources
  • Energy Based "Light Particle" Rendering System
  • First Renderer with fully Licensed "Zauner Shader" Technology
  • AI based "On Demand" Loading/Unloading of Geometry
  • Intelligent and Automatic Raytracing Acceleration through AI-3D Space Segmentation
  • True 3D UltraBlur™ Algorithm for fast Blurry Renderings
  • Pricing and availability

    finalRender Stage-1 has a suggested retail price (SRP) US $795. Stage-1 is available from Turbo Squid at, from Discreet at, or from authorized Resellers around the world. For a Reseller near you, contact

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