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Turbo Squid Announces Its Attendance at SIGGRAPH Conference

(New Orleans, LA – July 27, 2006) – TurboSquid is pleased to announce that it will be attending the SIGGRAPH conference in Boston, from Tuesday, August 1st through Thursday, August 3rd. Turbo Squid will also be selling ACAPs at a discounted price and demonstrating upcoming ACAPs in the Autodesk booth during the following times:

  • Tuesday 9:30am - 1:00pm
  • Wednesday 2:30 - 6:00pm
  • Thursday 9:30am - 12:30pm

Turbo Squid is excited to showcase the following software at the Siggraph conference:

  • rtre v 2.0 - rtre version 2.0 is the next level of interactive realtime technologies and offers significantly increased performance even with more complex scenes directly within 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ. The new version delivers enhanced support for standard 3ds Max and Autodesk VIZ materials and maps (including procedurals). It also includes gravity, new orbit and fly features, as well as automatic lighting to get users up and running quickly. The streamlined user interface consists of a series of modeless floating dialogs that gives you an easy-to-understand layout from which to construct your interactive files. rtre v2.0 will dramatically speed up your workflow and save you from repetitive tasks and set-ups.
  • nPower – Power Translators, Power Solids, and Power NURBS for 3ds max nPower plug-ins give you an exceptional level of precision in modeling. Power Translators allow accurate and efficient importing of CAD/ Design geometry and topology into 3ds Max and Autodesk VIZ for rendering, animation, and visualization; the view-dependent meshing lets users create high-quality images without polygonal artifacts. With Power Solids, you can produce complex shapes using extrusions, revolutions, sweeps, lofts, fillets, shelling, offsets, and precise Filleting and Boolean operations. Power NURBS is a powerful design tool that combines advanced surface and solid modeling paradigms. Artists will also appreciate the interactive and visual capabilities of nPower tools. Take a look at what industry professionals had to say about nPower’s plug-ins:
    • Winner of Animation Magazine's Seal of Excellence
      Final Score: *****
      Ease of use: *****
      Interface: ****
      Power of Tools: *****
      Quality and Depth: ****
      "The Bottom Line: The Plug-in saves a lot of time, and I mean a lot. The incredible thing is that you may actually feel smarter when you start using this clever plug-in.” - Animation Magazine, on nPower Booleans
    • “I love this software. It is much easier to come up with the designs needed to create very cool looking graphics. Everything is much cleaner looking with no artifacts left over after some of the complex operands while trying to create the elements I need for my projects. Thank you. . .”
      - Jeremy Shannon, on nPower Solids
    • “This is actually the best software I have seen in a long time. I work as a senior concept designer in the film industry. On very big films (currently Mission:Impossible3) where speed is very much the order of the day. And your software has greatly increased my productivity. . . Being available to export detailed models greatly increases the turn around, especially when we have.”
      - Simon McGwire, on nPower Translators
    • "Overall this is the most amazing tool I've seen in a long time. The power sketch tool is the most innovative tool I've seen in any graphics tool. . . Maybe now I can begin to build the things that have mystified me."
      - Gene Ireland, on nPower NURBS
  • Particle Flow Tools: Box 3(from Oleg Bayborodin with Orbaz technologies) - Particle Flow Tools: Box 3 extends the capabilities of PFlow. Going beyond the basic concept of a toolkit, Box 3 gives users “unprecedented control over the particle data channels through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.” Industry professionals rave about the capabilities offered by toolbox 3:
    • Laszlo Sebo, who used Box 3 in the production of “Superman Returns” and “The Ten Commandments,” explains, “It’s not just an expansion to the basic tools, it’s like a whole new toolkit, a visual programming language. Whatever you thought you needed scripting for before, you can do with Box 3 by just connecting a couple of nodes, creating whole new operators yourself.” Sebo adds, “Ever since I got lucky to have access to it, I have used it in every single production I worked on. Once you try Box 3, you are hooked instantly.”
    • Chris Thomas of CG Academy, author of the ‘Particle Flow Fundamentals Series,’ states that “Box 3 is nothing short of revolutionary… at the top of your must-have list if you are a serious particle user.” Thomas emphasizes its usefulness as an operator creation kit. He also points out the benefits of the particle disk cache that is included, and, as he says, “pretty much vital.”
    • Sam Khorshid of Blur studio testifies that “Box 3 has been an invaluable tool on multiple projects, giving us the ability to render much higher particle counts, and create custom tools with ease. Combined with the fantastic support from the developer, makes it a must for any particle effects artist.”
    • Chris Harvey, CG Supervisor at Frantic Films, states that: "Here at Frantic Films we just finished up working on Superman Returns and during that time had the chance to put Particle Flows Tools: Box 3 through its paces. It quickly became and essential part of our pipeline with the amount of control and flexibility it allowed us to have over our particles. I would go beyond simply recommending this tool to others and actually say that for serious particle work in max it’s a must have."
  • At SIGGRAPH 2006, Turbo Squid will be giving users a dramatic sneak peek at an upcoming ACAP technology from the developer of AfterBurn 3 and DreamScape 2. Come find the Turbo Squid demo staff at the Autodesk booth during the show and ask them about FumeFX to get the low-down on this amazing technology.

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