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TurboSquid Announces New Software Tools from nPower

(New Orleans, LA – March 19, 2008) – TurboSquid is pleased to announce the latest 3D modeling and translation tools from nPower. These products include several NURBS modeling titles and several translators for using 3ds Max with other CAD programs. nPower Software empowers 3D artists, designers and engineers by connecting end users with advanced technology tools. nPower's superior suite of NURBS and Boolean tools for 3ds Max and Viz provide sophisticated 3D design environments. Sketch out your idea with our free-form NURBS curve network, then blend or multirail-sweep your curves into interconnected organic shapes. Any shape can be designed in a simple, intuitive manner, even complex interrelated surfaces. Design changes propagate automatically through interconnected surfaces and faces.

Power Translators are built to solve today's difficult problems of getting quality CAD data into 3ds Max. These translators produce an extremely high quality 3ds Max model with very smooth edges and no polygonal artifacts. nPower’s Power Translators read IGES, STEP, SAT and Rhino, and Power Translators Advanced provides all basic features plus multi-processor mesh generation, face flipping and visibility tools, conversion to hidden triangle mesh, and duplicate face detection. Power Translators Pro has all Pro Translators Advanced features and both Power NURBS and Power SolidWorksToMax.

Additional translators are available for a variety of file formats. These include: Power PtoE to Max, Power Catia To Max, Power Rhino To Max , Power SolidWorks To Max, and Power UGS To Max. Bundles of two or more products are also available at a reduced price. The Power NURBS bundle includes NURBS Pro and Power Translators Basic; Power Solids bundle includes Power Solids plus Power Translators Basic. nPower Software is committed to improving customer productivity and creativity by providing designers with advanced technology tools.

Pricing and Availability

Power NURBS PRO - $995 (Educational $195)
Power NURBS Surfacing - $ 495 (Education $95)
Power Solids - $695 (Education $95)

Power Translators - $495 (Educational $95)
Power Translators Advanced - $ 895 (Education $95)
Power Translators Pro - $ 1995
Additonal translators are available for a variety of file formats:
Power PtoE to Max - $2495
Power Rhino to Max - $295
Power UGS to Max - $2495
Power Catia to Max - $ 2995
Power SolidWorks to Max - $1495

Power NURBS bundle - Includes NURBS Pro + Power Translators Basic - $1195
Power Solids bundle - Includes Power Solids + Power Translators Basic - $795
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Return Policy
All nPowerSoftware Software products are available for a 30-day evaluation. Customers are encouraged to fully evaluate the software prior to purchasing a software license. Evaluation software may be downloaded from the web site. After purchase, nPowerSoftware software is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About nPower

nPower Software is a division IntegrityWare, Inc. ( which markets the technology developed by IntegrityWare over the past 7 years for the end-user graphics plug-in market. The SOLIDS++ modeling kernel provides enables IntegrityWare to offer unique and powerful solutions not typically available in this market.

nPower Software builds unique solutions based on proprietary technology. They focus on providing tools to facilitate creativity, simplify design processes, improve ease of use, and reduce design time and cycles. nPower Software's initial product offerings include two 3ds max plug-ins. Power Booleans bring powerful polygonal Booleans to Max users, with improved ease of use, better quality mesh generation, superior reliability and accurate results. Power Solids and Power Translators introduce solids modeling technology including precise NURBS-based Booleans, filleting, CAD data exchange and more to Max users.

About TurboSquid

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