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TurboSquid Passes the 1.5 Million Member Mark

(New Orleans, LA – August 20th, 2008 –) – TurboSquid, the world's largest online marketplace for stock 3D models, is pleased to announce that they have reached the 1.5 million member mark. The impressive milestone stands as the highest membership total of any online 3d marketplace.

The product catalog has increased steadily since TurboSquid's launch in 2000. At that time, the idea of a website where artists could buy and sell 3D content was new. 3D artists and other graphics professionals quickly embraced the concept, and now everything from 3D tractor-trailers to detailed anatomical parts can be found at

Hitting the 1.5 million member mark highlights TurboSquid’s outstanding sustained growth, says Matt Wisdom, CEO and Co-Founder at TurboSquid. "1.5 million members is a fantastic achievement, and it showcases several things for us," he says. "Not only does it make it clear how much TurboSquid has become a part of people’s projects throughout the 3D industry, it also reminds 3D content sellers of the massive customer audience they can reach by selling their content on"

TurboSquid promises to continue developing new features in an effort to continually improve the experience for its users. The site has recently added 24/7 Live Chat support to its existing system of telephone support and 24/7 Support Tickets, and makes it clear that they have many more improvements in the works. “We’re thrilled to hit 1.5 million members, but we’re always working on ways to reach even more members of the 3D community,“ says Wisdom.

About TurboSquid

Founded in 2000, TurboSquid is dedicated to the management and distribution of digital products and other relevant content for 3D and 2D designers and creative professionals. TurboSquid provides a global market for digital products by enabling individual and corporate users to list, promote and sell their content to users around the world. In 2003, TurboSquid was named as the exclusive publisher and worldwide distributor for the Autodesk Certified Animation Plug-in Program. TurboSquid is a privately held and venture-backed company. More information can be found at the company's web site:

Audrey Meyn
Marketing Coordinator
TurboSquid, Inc