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Copy Paste DWG - Free

Royalty Free License - All Extended Uses
MaxScript v1.10
MaxScript v1.11
tested wih 2014 Host Version
3ds max Host Application
Product ID 927563
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Since 2014
This is another simple script to speed up some everyday work....

It is a tool to Copy Paste drawings from AutoCAD or DraftSight

How it works:
- select drawing in Autocad (best if you clean it first of course :)
- press Ctrl-C   (as always copy drawings in Autocad or DraftSight)
- go to 3ds Max
- run script (drag and drop or choose from scripts menu)
- done

To install :
use my other script - > Favorite Scripts:
1. Install Favorite Scripts (drag and drop to max)
2. place on toolbar (customize -> category Pixamoon)
3. run Favorite Scripts
4. settings
5. choose your favorite scripts root folder
6. create 'IO' or 'Edit folder'
7. copy 'CopyPasteDWG' script there

This is just beta / testing version, let me know how it works with your configuration / folder structure etc.

Thanks for bug report by mynewcat
Script is tested now in 2009, 2014, 2015 and all works good :)
I think you may have newer version of AutoCAD than 3dsMax
If you got this error: 'Unable to open:.... The error code reported is eNotImplementedYet' ??
- it means AutoCAD clipboard version is newer then MAX

Note / answer :
It works with older or the same version of AutoCAD then version of 3ds Max

To switch between AutoCAD and DraftSight press AutoCAD button

Note to v1.27.1
This version is just short test for non Admin Users, let me know if it works or not. Thanks

Have fun !
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