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drop and Relink - free

Royalty Free License - All Extended Uses
MaxScript v0.38
MaxScript v0.45
2010 and up Host Version
3ds max Host Application
Product ID 900329
Downloads 12370
50 Products
Since 2014
drop All Here is one drop window for many purposes :

- drop multiple Max files to Merge and Auto-Relink
- drop Max files with Assets to Merge and Relink
- drop Max file to Open and Auto-Relink
- drop Assets to Relink
- drop Folders with assets. Script will find subfolders and all files to relink missing assets.
- drop multiple DWG files to create grouped flrplans, elevations etc (named by file (00-CAD-elev-001 etc)
- drop multiple 3ds files (find objects with similar name and group them)
- copy / paste with Auto - Relink and Collect assets
- load multiple Images into Material slots (it recognize diffuse, specular, bump, normal, displacement, opacity etc) Recognize them by file name suffix (must be with '-'_'.' or space)

For now please try similar automatic functions in Merge and Relink

This one is only first UI test.

checked BtmTex - loads sorted images to VrayMtl slots
checked DWG - imports multiple dwg files
checked 3ds - imports multiple 3ds files

Full version coming soon.

Let me know what you think about it ?
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