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Merge and Relink - free

Royalty Free License - All Extended Uses
MaxScript v1.34
2010 and up Host Version
3ds max Host Application
Product ID 895926
Downloads 16583
50 Products
Since 2014
Free version of Merge and Relink

What do you think about this idea... Merge and Auto-Relink in the same moment ?!

This script can find and Relink new assets during Merge process. All in background so you don't have to do anything.

Easy and fast. It search for missing assets in the closest folders to merged file.

How it works:
Lets say you merge tree model form Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/Vray/Tree004.max

1. It search first in the same folder Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/Vray/
2. Then it goes one folder lower and search in all subfolders of Z:/Models/Trees/Winter/
3. And then -> auto-relink assets to paths
4. DONE :)

Test version is just drag and drop to max:
Standard Merge window will pop up. Do the same as always-> choose file -> objects and... model is Merged and Relinked !

This is full free version. It can search for missing files in all subfolders after step down in path.
- it's only drag and drop to max
- it has Message Info after Merge is done

Full version comes without message info and with Install package.

Version PRO is on the way. For quick search on whole drive. More info soon. :)

Let me know how it works for you.
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