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Human Brain

Mar 31, 2015
CheckMate Pro Certified
Maya 2015  |  mental ray
OBJ 2015
3D Model Specifications
95,762 Polygons
95,765 Vertices
Polygonal Quads only Geometry
UV Mapped
non-overlapping Unwrapped UVs
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This model is an amazing representation of the human brain.

All images rendered use subdivision level 0.

This brain is the volume of an average human brain, approximately 1130 cubic cm.

The Human Brain model is 100% 4-point polygons.

The polygon density is perfect for close, medium, and distant shots. Reducing polygon count will be simple, and have little effect on the silhouette of the model.
If you need more geometry, simply enable sub-division surfaces, for those ultra-close shots. Careful attention was given to the creation of the polygons loops to help you use this model to it's maximum potential. In general, you'll have have little need for smoothing the mesh, except on extreme close-up shots..

All textures are 4096 x 4096 pixels.

Textures and file formats are the following:

-- Diffuse .PNG (24 bit)
-- Normal .PNG (24 bit) (Use the Normal map for real-time rendering and bump map rendering).
-- Region   .PNG (24bit) (Useful for educational purposes).

This model comes with 3 color maps, 3 normal maps, and 3 region color maps. The region color maps are useful for the educational purposes on the functions and structures of the human brain. Color, specular, and reflectivity settings were all carefully chosen and well balanced with the lighting to give an overall pleasant image of the human brain. The lighting in this scene utilizes spot and area lights, accompanied with reflection cards to enhance the surface of the model.

The UV layout is absolutely perfect. This brain is organized into 3 groups, so you can see the individual UV maps provided. Each UV layout has been carefully laid out to give you maximum quality of textures.

This Human Brain model comes with region maps, that have already been animated for you. Simply drag the time slider, and see the brain textures shift from medical exam model textures to simple regional colors. This is perfect in any learning or teaching environment. The region maps are animated from frames 73-83, and are fully visible at frame 83. The region colors are blended with the color map using a blendColors node in the Hypershade. Simply change the keyframing of the blendColors node to your desired settings.
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