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Product ID:661113
Category:Particle System
Host Application:Maya
Host Version:2010 2011 2012
Operating System:Windows
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Maya 2011 32bit
Maya 2011 64bit

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Splash look exciting in a scene but making them demands many days of hectic work. Thus in many animation studios, splashes are placed in scenes only if extremely required, specially because it delays production and also shoots up the cost.

Oceansplash, a plugin for Maya creates awesome splashes in just a few seconds, that otherwise may require even for specialists to spend restless days in order to create just one. Oceansplash does not require a dynamics expert to work on it. Making, Modifying and Removing a splash from a scene was never so painless before.


Oceansplash builds an **oSp-Engine(splash Engine) for the assigned character or object. The oSp-Engine stay connected to its object and are responsible for detecting the ocean contact and the finest of wave movements.
The splashes created by oSp-Engines are dynamic. That is, the shape, size, intensity etc of a splash generated by these engines, depend strictly on the *oSp-Object's behavior in the scene. You never need to worry about modifying a splash once it is set, although you may edit if needed. An animator may modify the animation of an *oSp-object(character/object) any number of times, the oSp-Engine will cope up with the new animation instantly.


1) Interactive 'Create' and 'Edit' Interfaces

2) Splashes are generated when an object interacts with a Maya Ocean/Pond

3) Curves can be made to emit and control particles that float on the ocean or a pond surface

4) You can switch on/off the simulation of an *oSp-object at any time

5) You can create splashes using either ordinary particles or nParticles.

6) Simulation settings for an *oSp-object can be saved as presets

7) Export selected or All *oSp-objects from the current scene .

8) You can choose to Import only *oSp-object/s to an Ocean/Pond of the current scene, or to import along with ocean/pond from import file as is.

9) You can import an *oSp-object multiple times to the same ocean/pond and they all will work independently.

Splashes become extremely necessary in scenes like the following, without which they looks dull and confusing.

1) A Whale jump

2) Ships or submarine at ocean surface

3) Sea shore effect

4) Plane crashing into sea

5) One or many characters swimming across a water body

6) And the list goes on..

Unlimited number of objects can be assigned to Oceansplash in a scene.

*oSp-object is an object that is assigned to oceansplash
**oSp-Engine is built by oceansplash plug-in for all the objects that are assigned to it. oSpEngines are responsible for detecting ocean/pond contact and for generating particles in a way that look and behave like a splash. oSpEngines also allows itself to be wired directly to the Edit interface for editing
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