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Standard Closet (FULLY parametric)

Royalty Free License
- All Extended Uses
Included Formats
Revit Family
Closet Door.rfa
advanced pannel(load to family if you want)
DL-Closet Symbol.rfa
closet symbol(extra)

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Product ID:569608
MasterFormat Code:12,500
UniFormat Assembly Code:C1030410
OmniClass Code:
Mfr Product Number:12-16-88
Only 2D:No
TurboSquid Member Since November 2010
Currently sells 2 products
Product Rating
All of the families' parameters can be adjusted to certain values that would meet your requirements. With this single family you can build almost any kind of families that you wish to. It is categorized as casework and its sub-components are also separately categorized. The families detail level also varies in coarse, medium, and fine setting. You can also 'FULLY' control the symbols used in this element. just explore and get the hang of using it! and you will be able to create TONS of different families
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