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PFlow Toolbox Office: Volume 2

PFlow Toolbox Office: Volume 2 - Guide to Particle Flow Tools: Box 2 Pro

This second training kit from freelance particle and destruction effects guru Anselm v. Seherr-Thoss will help you get up to speed quickly with the workflow and operators that are part of the PFlow Tools: Box 2 Pro plug-in for Particle Flow. This course will give new users and intermediate professionals alike the ability to assemble dynamic Particle Flow systems using these advanced plug-in technologies. Additionally, several bonus videos show you how to take advantage of the popular RayFire destruction plug-in.

Create complex collision effects ranging from sticky particles to procedural soft-body cloth tearing all using the PhysX-based dynamics tools built into Box 2 Pro. Tutorials that explain soft-body techniques including deformable foliage, realistic netting, and squishy objects as well as more complex hard surface effects such as controllable building explosions and glass shattering are all included in this training course. Ansi takes you step-by-step through each effect and provides you with the start and end scene files to explore and dissect on your own as well. And as a little something extra, the training comes with over a dozen bonus scene files that you can dive into on your own to see how Ansi creates some of the killer effects he's responsible for daily.

With high resolution and crystal clear sound, and over 9 hours of video this two-DVD set is the ultimate training solution for anyone looking to learn more about the flexibilty that Particle Flow offers! The tutorials cover Particle Flow topics thoroughly and explain methods clearly so that everyone should be able to follow regardless of their experience level.

Just look at the course outline:

Box 2 Pro videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Explaining the Glue Operator
  3. Me & My Katamari
  4. Squash
  5. Donuts
  6. Bomb
  7. Particle Cloth
  8. Capture Net
  9. Bamboo Ragdoll
  10. Foliage
  11. Ripping & Tearing
  12. Glass Shattering

Box 2 Pro & Box 3 Pro videos:

  1. Box 2 & 3: Bomb
  2. Box 2 & 3: Avalanche
  3. Pimp my Toolbox

RayFire videos:

  1. Grayscale Fracture
  2. Activate by Force
  3. Custom Properties
  4. Glue

Be aware that these DVDs have been created at a resolution of 1440x872 and will only run from a DVD Drive connected to your PC. No additional software needs to be installed in order to view the training.

All sales of these DVDs are final. NO REFUNDS.

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